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Force Whispers

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Here you go: It's pretty untested so let me know how it goes. There are 2 permissions: Allow user to whisper to other users - they can whisper to others but not make public discussions (they should also be able to whisper to themselves but it wont force them to) Allow user to make public discussions - they can make public discussions but cant whisper to other users (they should be able to whisper to themselves but it wont force them to) Without either of these permissions (they work independantly) the user will be forced to whisper to themselves. Please can you test these permissions and let me know if those descriptions are right? (and what indeed you require)


  • Ok. I'm confused. It doesn't force the user to do anything. It tells the user that they have to, but when testing, I was able to post public posts. Do I need both extensions activated (mark's and yours)? I'm just wondering if there is something else I need to edit to get this to work right.
  • Playing with it a bit more, removing the ability to start discussions, I was able to see that it worked, but only when the discussion is private to begin with. It doesn't force the user to whisper in a discussion that is open. They still have the ability to reply to an open discussion... openly. If that makes sense. Was this the intention?
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    Um. I think if you give a role neither of the permissions I listed then they should only be able to make posts to themselves. As i say though it's pretty untested so i might have missed something. I'll try and remember to check it out when i get home. //after your second post: I actually hadnt considered the users ability to post in already open discussions. I believe nathans request (who i made the extension for) was that users couldnt start discussions so I didnt do anything about posting in existing ones. I assume not letting them do that either cant be too tricky...I'll put some thought into it.
  • give me a sec. will let you know.
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    That's a negative, Mini. When no permissions are clicked, they are just open discussions when they start a new one and don't insert a name into the whisper area. However, that doesn't bother me so much as the members of this specific forum won't have the ability to start open discussions.

    // after reading your edit: cool.
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    I also like the fact that I can setup a specific "user admin" type area for the other members of our staff, and they can come on and converse in the whipsered topic (when "all whispers visible" permission is given) to the client. I was worried that it could only be between 2 people, but this really allows me to do what I need to do. Thanks.

    // now its just a matter of figuring out how to edit the previously unwhispered comments to clients so that they are private conversations so i can start reorganizing my forum.
  • You can whisper a comment by editing it. You cant whisper an entire discussion once it's been started, though.
  • Right. That's the problem I am running into. I have a bunch of discussions. SO - I'll just move everyone over gradually, depending on what stage we are with our contract.
  • Considered just setting up categories for each client and using those permissions?
  • What I am doing right now is this: Client A has access to Client A's Category only. This works fine. Only problem is to create a new client, I have to set up Client, Client's Role and Client's Category. I'd rather have a "Work Order" type area, and then a private discussion with Client A called "Work Orders for Client A." Only they have access to it, and our staff of course.

    It would be the same either way, just less work to set it up, which would also mean less roles and less categories, keeping the DB a bit smaller.
  • I mean, right now - we have 30 clients in the system, as we are still testing it out. So, 30 individual categories and roles is ok. However, when we move over ALL of the clients, however many that is (150ish), that's a lot of bulk that isn't necessary with this extension in place. If... I understand it's capabilities correctly.
  • I'm wondering. I can edit all comments in a discussion and have them whisper EXCEPT for the first comment. Could I concievably do this in the DB without messing things up?
  • I really want to look at this right now but I've had generally very little sleep over the weekend (music festivals ftw) so even though i'm not that tired right now i cant bring myself to start looking at it. Would you be able to bump it tomorrow and I'll try and build myself up? :D
  • meh. I can try. :)
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    Grab the latest version here: and try testing the permissions combinations thoroughly for me please.
  • I'll get on this ASAP. Left myself a note. Will let you know.
  • And just so I'm clear, what has changed from this version from the previous?
  • I just sorted out the permissions so hopefully they should do what they say. I've not looked at posting in existing threads though.
  • Ok. DId some testing. Now, the user role "member" has been set so that a) "can whisper to other users" is unchecked and b) "can make open discussions" is unchecked. In an open discussion that is all ready started, I can still reply openly. As I said before, this won't matter because the member isn't able to start a new discussion anyways, so the only topics they'd be able to respond to are the ones send to them through a whisper.

    However, since we are testing the overall application of this extension, I''ll make it possible for the role to start a new discussion. Now, with the member-role allowed to start a new discussion, with both new items unchecked, I can still start an open discussion. I think you will have a conflict here, unless I am misunderstanding. It still tells me "You must whisper comments to yourself" but in no shape or form does that force me to do so. Its just the label that is changing whether or not I can whisper to other people or only to myself. The actual permissions forcing me to do what it says are not changing.
  • Sorry, this was incomplete. Heh, totally forgot to mention that I tested it with those two options checked as well. They seemed to be fine. But, then again, it worked the same with or without them checked. The only thing that changed was that label.
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