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How to give user option of switching between highest rating and date on comments?

This discussion is related to the Rating addon.
poinspoins New
edited August 2017 in General Banter

How can there be an option where a user picks between latest comment date and highest comment rating? Also, how can they have an option to filter and how to allow user to vote for a discussion once and a comment once as well, not once for both?


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  • @aarong: you have proven that you are either a) not able or b) not willing to do any brain work on your own. As a result, I'm convinced that I'm not able to answer you any question.

  • @R_J and @whu606 , I have been browsing the files, but can't figure it out. Please help.

  • poins/aarong

    Pretty much anyone on here who might be inclined to answer questions knows you for what you are.

    You will either get no response, or no useful response to your efforts.

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  • @whu606 , pleas don't be rude. I asked a question, can you or the creator of the plugin, @R_J help?

  • Nope.

  • Nope.

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