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New style: Vanilla Green

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Ok.. not very original name.. but what the heck :P So.. I've been away for a while (working on my house :P), but that doesn't mean I don't spend time on Vanilla :)
Here's a nice theme for you to toy with. Still have to do the People CSS...

Download: Vanilla Green



  • Btw.. The alternate background colors on the comment page will only show up in Vanilla 1.0.1
  • Looks excellent. The good use of colour is something I'm trying to better understand, but you have chosen well.
  • looks great!
  • Congrats on another great style, jazzman :)
  • Looks absolutely lovely! Excellent work! It'd be fantastic if someone could convert it into an actual style though, that way people could still chose which one they want, and it'd also be gaurenteed to work with all of the extensions. Tis lovely though :)
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    For which theme is it?
    Isn't a style for the default vanilla theme?
    If it is a style for vanilla, all the extension should work with them (You might just need to change there style).
  • Oops, I apologise for my dumbness. :-)

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    I like the color scheme and arrangement. I do have one problem, as I am using the banner add-on. This seems to get the style out of wack. You can check it at Do I need to make a change to the banner?
  • looks hot :)
  • nice one Jazzman. You never cease to create a good style 8-)
  • More! :D
  • I like it very much too ! Just a small remark, when you create new styles, don't forget to define CSS for the role description bar/banner. The one that goes into each comments post by users whose roles have been commented.
  • I love this style very much!!!!!! Keep up this good work.......... Hope I see more themes.......... and styles coming .....
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    Looks amazing but I have a question. I get these large transparent borders around the icons in the discussions. Anyone know what that might be? The icons are 40x40 but the border it at least twice as wide and three times as tall and it's green and see through. It's odd looking for sure. If I get that cleared up I'll switch over to green full time :)

    Kinda vague there on the description. It looks like you bought a picture frame for a picture but the picture was really small and the frame was just a square you hang on the wall and put the tiny picture in. Ok maybe that wasn't much better :P
  • I'm guessing a screenshot would help :) Have you got the account pictures extension enabled?
  • Wow now it's doing this tiling deal. Heh, that's new. Hmm, any ideas? Also a screenie of my pic settings.
  • Hehe.. It's not really compatible with account pictures. Or you'll have to at least use 64x64 icons.
  • Ah ha. Ok, turned account pics off and that seems to have taken care of it. Very nice. Thanks :)
  • I changed my lussumo banner extension to make it a sidepanel extension. This eliminates the header shifting problem. However, I have one more question. When I create additonal Page tabs, I eventually exceed the limit for one row. The second row appears fine, but the green background is not there. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you.
  • The green background is a fixed image that's used on the body's background... No way to fix that unless you manually photoshop/paintshop the image.
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