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New style: Vanilla Green



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    are the alternating comment color backgrounds set up based on differerent users or do you have to update it via css adding _6, _7 everytime a new comment pops up

    BTW - the green image on the header does not show up from the moment I added the theme it hasn't appeared not sure why

    revised green image doeesn't show up when you have the banner extension enabled

    alternating colors do not show up in 1.0.1

    did you do something on your green theme with the #body tag ? On the default theme the the main area and panel are inside the #body tag but on your style its not, they are both outside of it how did that happen i'm trying to put them back lol
  • Wow, excellent job!
  • Are the signin and signout forms/pages supposed to have the same green style? Mine keep defaulting to the Scene 1.0 style. Can this be changed? Thank you.
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    Jazzman: "Still have to do the People CSS..."
  • Thanks for this style. I have a few questions though. 1. Is it possible to show the person who start a discussion and the last person to post on the discussions page? (like on the vanilla default style?) 2. How would I go about aligning the "edit", "quote" and "delete" links so that they are on the right hand side of a members post when viewing a discussion? (At the moment they appear under the user name, I've managed to put the date inline with the user name and I'd like the above mentioned links to appear on the same line, just right aligned.) 3. Are you working on the people.css so that this style works on the login forms etc? Thanks for your time in advance, I'm looking forward to using your style. Kind regards S
  • nevermind about the above, I've managed to sort 1 and 2 from. I guess I better get working on the people.css. Thanks anyway
  • First of all, I love the new style! I'm having some trouble though... The green borders around the icons seem to be meant for 64x64 icons. However, my Vanilla seems to only want 32x32 icons. I know that Account Pictures isn't working with this style, so what do I need to do in Vanilla 1.0.1 to change the icon size to 64x64? Thanks!
  • Edit the vanilla.css! Search for 64px and replace it with 32px :) Dunno if it's that easy though... maybe you'll need some extra tweaking :)
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    I found that setting to shrink the frame to fit 32x32 icons... but what I actually want to do is increase the icons to 64x64, like you have in your sample pictures at the top. I think that's a setting that needs tweaked in Vanilla's main files, but I have no idea where, as I'm pretty inexperienced with PHP. Thanks!
  • if anyone wants it I've done just a few changes to the people.css.

    Download the people.css file

    It's not a master piece but its a bit more in-keeping with the style.
  • Thanks. I tried it and it looks fine.
  • jazzman, that's a gorgeous theme.
  • Has anyone installed this on Vanilla 1.0.1 ? It doesn't work for me. I put this green folder under themes/vanilla/styles . Is it right place?
  • I have it working on my forum. When you activated it, did you apply it to all users?
  • Nice theme , but green is'nt my favorite colour :P , but how to change the maximum avatar size with Vanilla Blue theme ? any ideas ? .

    Thanks .

    Bouazza .
  • Very nice, you might want to update the preview.gif mind!
  • StashStash
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    Only just found this style and I think it's very good!

    Just a coupla bugs that I found that prevent it from getting the 5 stars ;)
    1. "Bottom of Page" doesn't work properly for me it only goes down a little way (using Smooth Page Jump 1.0, haven't tried without). Also I lose the "e" of Page off the right hand side (it's hidden under something I guess).
    2. Extensions Page (?PostBackAction=Extensions) - The tick boxes for the extensions are too far right, they sit over the top of the extension name.
    3. <code> tag needs to have white-space:normal;. Since this is a fixed width layout you lose loads of code off the right when using this tag :(
  • I can confirm that the "Bottom of Page" doesn't work without Smooth Page Jump 1.0 either.

    Also, when using this style on these forums (, I found that the horizontal nav bar beneath "Lussumo Community" doesn't have its green gradient behind it. So, if you have the Stylish Firefox Extension installed (or Greasemonkey), then you can install this CSS and it puts the "Green" nav bar background back.
  • honestly this green style is a disaster if it comes to repositioning of some elements...

    problem (only one of many with this or other skins and extensions):

    i have float:left in the body part .. every thing is fine , especially in safari.

    the float:left attribute affects also all pages in firefox except the comments page (why the heck?) .

    so where or how can i fix this float thingy for mister firefox ?

    normaly i would turn back and i would use the standard vanilla theme to build up on that, but i frittered now a bunch of hours on this green one away :(

    i thought allways ipb or vb is a bitch if it comes to skinning or to create a template but hey ...

    yes highly fustrated, period.
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