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Unable to auto-detect API connection

This discussion is related to the OneAll Social Login addon.

I have checked with my host provider and they have opened ports 80 and 4043. I have the plugin operational on my WordPress subdomain but, on my forum subdomain—using Vanilla Forums—I cannot get a connection to the API to enable the social login.

I would like for this to work so that I can then enable the single sign-on.
I have tried multiple versions of the Vanilla Forum turnkey plugin with no success. All I am getting is the html that says "Login with:" or "Register with"; the icons themselves are not showing.
If I could get this to work via plugins then it would be nice, doing the manual set-up is a bit of a hurdle and more time-consuming.

Using Vanilla Forums version 2.3.1
Tried turnkey plugin versions: 1.2, 1.3, & 1.4

No other plugins are enabled on the Vanilla Forum.


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