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Compatibility issues with PHP7 (YAGA)

This discussion is related to the Yet Another Gamification Application addon.

Hi, since upgrading to PHP7 I am getting errors with the YAGA application, in particular...

Gdn_ErrorException: Declaration of RankModel::Delete($RankID) should be compatible with Gdn_Model::delete($where = Array, $options = Array)


Declaration of RankModel::Get() should be compatible with Gdn_Model::get($OrderFields = '', $OrderDirection = 'asc', $Limit = false, $PageNumber = false)

Can anybody suggest the best solution?


  • I just updated the various methods in YAGA do that they were compatible - can't see it being the best solution though as not very "upgradable". Hopefully any upgrades will address this issue though, so I guess it doesn't matter much.

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