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pre-moderate posts

ToivoToivo New
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maybe it has been discussed before but I could not find. Anyone working on it? Anything slightly similiar "pre-moderate posts" -post is held for moderation, main user accepts it or denies it.


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    something like make post hidden by default?
  • yes, but it would depend on the selected category and user level. Before a comment appears: An administrator must approve the comment
  • I would need this, too. A category, where posts have to be checked by an administrator before they go public. Is there something like this out there?
  • Bump A workaround could be a hidden category for moderators, then move the discussion to a different category (actually, as a noob I wonder if this changing categories is part of vanilla's feature set to begin with)
  • Nice try TomTester.

    If you can edit the first comment of a discussion you can change its category.

    The problem is how to allow people to post to a hidden category in the first place?
  • Also people will try to repost threads if they don't recognise, that their thread needs to be moderated.
  • @Tex: not sure if this can't be prevented with simple notification (tell them it needs to be approved).

    The post page itself could be adapted to a version that posts to an unlisted category.
    Categories can be prevented from being displayed via CSS or a hardcoded category filter (but would still exist).

    Perhaps a variation on forced whispering would work too... (with a whisper -> topic add-on)
  • @ TomTester: Thanks for the hints, it's really kind of you trying to help me out of this. Anyway, I would still prefer an extension which deals with it. My problem is that I don't got the knowledge to code one. I am quite sure, that such an extension might help a bunch of people. Until than, I need to get along without it. So, If someone is getting bored during the winter times, just do it. :D
  • can't we just add a column in the comments table in the database
    by default its 0
    1 = display comment
    0 = don't display

    and then admin is the only one who can make that 0 a 1
  • I'd really like to see this extension made too. I'm planning a BIG forum that depends completely on this.
  • @ MySchizoBuddy: This would be a first step. But a notice given to the author of the comment has also to be displayed. Else he will wonder why the comment does not show up. I think the whole discussion needs to be invisible, not only the comment, right?
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    actually u just need discussion moderation.
    comment moderation on a forum will require u to give up ur night life :)

    So in the user profile page we can have rejected Discussions and approved discussions. If it rejected it appears in rejected discussions tab/folder whatever.

    clicking on the link takes u to the discussions page style view of ur approved and rejected discussions.
  • Where did you got this from? This would be a good solution.
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    its just a mockup.
    In the admin page you can have this
    A list/expanded view option. and Sort by date or by category drop down list.


    yup i have a sense of humor :)
  • So, we found one for the design. Who wants to do the implementation? :)
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited November 2006
    Shiz schiz... great mockup design, I went to add-ons before reading on...

    Smoke and Mirrors Inc would have a great asset in you. Too bad I'm not hiring (paying) :-)

    Anyway, we'd need SirNot or Jazzman to make this (or Mark). I'm too much of a VanillaNoob
    to go hacking away at a truly fundamental stuff.
  • This would be good if people were using Vanilla as a help-ticket-support system, as well.
  • * Dinoboff * CommentTimeAug 29th 2006 edited block userblock commentpermalink something like make post hidden by default? is it possible? or is the addon already made?
  • "actually u just need discussion moderation. comment moderation on a forum will require u to give up ur night life :)" naah, you could solve it by rights. this user has right "to start discussions"
  • @MySchizoBuddy: haha, lol, nice.
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