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newbie searching for an easy forum download

I admit I am a newbie in web building..
I managed so far to put together most of a wordpress website ( still offline) and wanted to add a small forum page to the site. I started with a well known forum plugin for wordpress, and no matter how many youtube videos I watched and followed directions very closely , I couldn't get the login--password-register to work properly. I went to their website for help and ended up getting spam in my email box For my efforts --an advertisement for pills of some sort and no help from the forum community :-(
I reinstalled the plugin several times, still no go, so I scrapped it and tried a different forum software.
Afterwards I found out that the new software- unless I am a techie -it wasn't compatible with wordpress,--- waaay beyond my level of expertise. So I scrapped that one too. There was a plugin for vanilla, on the plugin site-- so I downloaded that one, and I was checking it over and it was I think 1.1.7or something like that, and had not been updated for I think it was 4 years..
I came to this website an it seems there are newer open sourced versions available...
So I am wondering if I can manage to install a newer version, and if it is reasonably easy for a "newbie"
to install and set up..
thanks for the advise..


  • Hey there! I don't post here often but saw this and figured to add a little input. I'm sure the gurus will post more advice.

    If you want a great forum, you want to consider quality over ease in every case. Most hosts offer script install (many that I've dealt with including Cazaratech where I host my sites).

    Vanilla is a great forum and I tried a few before coming to this one for my forum, including the bigger named expensive one that many use. I find the team here to be responsive and the gurus quite helpful. The forum setup is pretty straight forward and documentation is well done.

    Advice is to test it on a local install. That may sound scary if you've never done it but we all start as noobs and have to learn. :) If you learn doing local, it'll help you avoid issues on a live site while you get a good handle on how things work and how you want the live site set up. I use Mamp Pro (available for any operating system). It is a very easy thing to set up and you may find it much easier to learn various website scripts as well as test plugins before putting them on a live site.

    As for plugins for Wordpress, I don't use it as a plugin so I'm not all that helpful. If you don't need it integrated into wordpress, you could add it as a menu on your wordpress site if that's your main focus. If not, I would have the forum as the main part and put a wordpress menu link in your Vanilla forum instead. That's how I have my ScriptTechs kb set up.

  • Question--- is the 1.1.7 plugin rather old and maybe obsolete over the new 2.5??
    Must the 2.5 vanilla forum be manually installed?

  • Another question--
    In manually downloading vanilla forums what is the difference in the procedure of embedding and integrating? what is the difference?

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