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Security update releases file list (2.5.1)

Hello Vanilla
core-2.5 installed (no addons (plugins)), 2 users, non production.

Does every file in the 2.5.1 security release have to be uploaded (overwrote)? Or is there a list of files that can be uploaded to satisfy security fix?

I'm using a free hosting service to self-host, and with most free services there are restrictions. In this case file size limits, and zip file upload/extraction features disabled. FTP the complete release is very time consuming, though obtainable. I would think the time factor leaves me no recourse "deny from all" during this process. If there was a short security update file list, upgrading would be simpler for restricted users.

I know open.vanilla is a community project with little to no funding. My thanks is not enough gratuity, for the amazing job being done. Contributing has eluded me so far. I have managed to get it up and running on the free services. Some vanilla .htaccess config changes, nothing really to contribute so far.


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