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When selecting a lot of permissions, vanilla won't update any roles/categories [RESOLVED]

StarfleetStarfleet New
edited March 11 in Vanilla 2.5 Help

So on my forum we have around a 100(+) roles; since we use it for a game that has many 'small groups'. Now we recently updated to vanilla 2.5 and it seems like when I edit a category (and more than around 20 role permissions are selected), vanilla won't let me update the category permission. It'll even delete permissions (as if they weren't selected), when I edit a category that already had more than 20 roles with permissions selected. It's like vanilla just won't insert that much data into the database.

Does anyone know how I would fix this, or is this just a bug in the 2.5 version? It worked perfectly fine with the 2.3 version (even with my more than a 100 different roles).



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