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Is it just me alone or anybody else don't like "anyways" ... people tend to use it all the time ... when I read it or hear it ... I just hate it ... sounds silly I hate a word but this isn't the only one I hate ... people also use "da" instead of "the" ... or they start using "u" for "you" ... also I hate the use of "Z" at the end of words ... and others I don't remember ... feel free to delete this .. I won't mind ...


  • Are there any ways around using anyways?
  • Excessive use of the Ellipsis pisses me off also :P
  • @prince_of_oreon : yup .. stop using the damn word ;) @nathan : .... what ... do ... mean? ........
  • exactly...that...!
  • anyway and whatever ;-)
  • What made you decide to rat at this particular word anywayz? It seems a little strange. Anyways thats all.
  • Basically is a bad word too.
  • This is a test.
  • Basicly is worse!
  • Haha.. spam spam spam!
  • @prince_of_oreon : do you know that you are an evil man ? :o @Minisweeper : when someone repeats it a lot .. may be .. but it don't annoy me as anyways ...
  • i like 'anyways' and use it a fair bit I do however have problems with text speak eg u for you; r for are, etc. But the web has created a whole new international language, and I think it is excellent (global village and all that). I do sometimes wonder though if I should go with Merkin spellings or stay with my own UK based spellings eg as in favourites v favorites, etc.
  • You know what's uber-nerdish: when laughing in real life and actually saying "Lol"... I know people who do that... (not me ofc :P)
  • That's stupid. Roffle is the way forward.
  • yes, rather than a simple LOL tis best to go the full mile and physically roll around on the floor in hysterics if nothing else, it perplexes the cat
  • edited September 2006
    Anyways. Anotherwords. Actually. Those are just the A's. We need a Silly Word extension that deletes offending words on sight.
  • the Bliar Anti-Spin Extension
  • edited September 2006
    < tripping like alnokta >I am not feeling tremenduosly benevolent to the word 'cause'. Stupid people! Only intellectual primates say 'cause'. I hate the Z sound on the end. It sounds dumb. And can be phonetically mistaken as 'cuz'. Please use the full 'because' from here on, because my opinion deserves to be respected, and you owe me at least this much- for what, I can't remember.

    Anyways that is all. Please remember to never use 'cause' ever again in my presence, because I am of a delicate mental nature and you would all be haters and inconsiderate if you did < / tripping like alnokta>
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    edited September 2006

    N E wayz0rZ!!!

  • I also hate... the end of the day...

    ...yeah, no...



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