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Excessive resource usage on cloud server


I have updated my vanilla forum to 2.5 and upgrade to VPS to a web cloud server.
But then I receive lots of notification (14 warnings in 1 hour) from the server hosting company as followings:

Resource: Virtual Memory Size
Exceeded: 562 > 512 (MB)
Executable: /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php-cgi
Command Line: /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php-cgi /home/xxxxxx/public_html/community/index.php

Our cloud server contains 2GB RAM and my forum is not really a large traffic forum.
Seems one people access the forum, it will consume 512MB.
It is nonsense if the forum can just hold 4 people with 2GB RAM.

Is 2GB RAM enough to hold vanilla forum?
Or is there any methods to minimize or force down the usage on RAM?

The server hosting company suggests me to review the index.php of vanilla forum.
But I haven't do much edit on the index.php.

Do anyone know what is the problem and how to solve it?

Thank you.


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    x00x00 MVP
    edited April 2018

    you shouldn't do any editing on index.php

    you don't appear to be running using apache2 mod_php, which is more efficient than CGI SAPI, and php will essentially need to go through a start up sequence each request rather then have php running within the web server. I wonder how fast it is for you to request a simple hello world php script.

    Though to be honest nginx php-fpm is even faster.

    clearly something is not right. best check your server logs to see how many actual request you are getting, to where and btw which IP. There can be a cumulative effect on performance. SO if you are being bombarfeded with request you need to know why.

    What addons are you using?

    server hosting support depending on the host can be notoriously poor, especially it is one of those whose prime business is cheap shared hosting, and they push you to do a poor deal "upgrades", when you re better off moving to a host that specialises in what you want. Unless you are are paying for a fully managed package, you need to some server management skill to run a site successfully.

    cloud is a broad technology of many forms, basically distributed computing, it allows scalability, that doesn't automatically mean it is an upgrade from what you have. Scalability isn't usually automatic, and would need configuration

    if it is really the case the four request or four normal user is using that much memory then you need to change host ASAP. I wonder however if there are other script involve stuck in a loop, or if you are using some polling script, where people may leave tabs open.

    these are all ideas, but it is anybodies guess, the support should have at least looked as the logs for prevalence.

    grep is your friend.

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    whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    Our forum runs on 512mb RAM quite happily, so it isn't an issue with Vanilla needing more RAM. As x00 says, it is to do with your server set up.

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    I have tried both mod_php and php-fpm, the issue was still existed.
    We also hosted another websites on this server. But our RAM(only 1GB) is enough with VPS (the previous server).

    We have check the RAM usage, 1GB is being used, 1 GB is for buffer.
    I wonder if the cloud server really consumes more RAM.

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    One more thing, if we start php-fpm, it will consume more RAM and we will receive more notification about excessive resource usage.

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    there isn't a single cloud technology, there is so many factor that are involved that don't involve the framework

    have you tried using a monitoring tool like glances

    this will show you which processes are running and the consumption.

    how large is your activity table btw?

    grep is your friend.

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    LincLinc Detroit Admin

    The only time I've seen Vanilla hog memory is if you set up more than 200 categories with no optimizations. (Vanilla can easily go past 2000 categories using smart caching and well-considered category types.)

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