upgrade 2.1.5 to 2.5 [RESOLVED]

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Hi There,

Working on upgrading my website from 2.1.5 to 2.5.1. Note that the 2.1.5 site has rewrite-url's working correctly as is.

I have not had a lot of confidence in messing with config files and what not and thus a long onverdue update is happening. I figured I better learn the process now or forever be left behind with critical updates. I hope that my experience can help someone else along.

To get my test directory working I have copied the working forum contents and database to my test directory "mysite.com/vanilla2/vanilla". I have updated the /conf/config.php file with the copied database on the server. Before updating to 2.5.1, the version 2.1.5 in the test directory is working as it should.

I then proceed to update backing up the .htaccess, config.php files and copy over the 2.5.1 files as outlined in the update instructions. I then run the /utility/config, delete cache, run utility/update again. I go to the server and make sure that php 7.1 is running for the installed directory. Make sure the url rewrite is enabled in the config.php file, line entry: "$Configuration['Garden']['RewriteUrls'] = true;".

At this point, as far as I can tell everything should work assuming the 2.1.5 (enabled url rewrites functions) .htaccess file is OK? When running php 7.1 I see a "something has gone wrong error", When I run php5.6 I see a 500 error. Everything I have read seems to indicate that this would probably be a .htaccess file issue. I tried using a couple of example files I found on the forum and could not get any of them to work. I tried the .htaccess.dist file found in the 2.5 archive and it seemed to takes me to www.example.org after going to my install directory through web browser. As suggested I try and go to the /discussions by manually typing this into the browser and it goes to a vanilla generated "page not found" page. Edit: I should note that when I try and go to install/activity using the 2.1.5 .htaccess file, this page works correctly.

I'm not sure if I'm seeing 404 error pages that might come from a bad .htaccess file, but followed this page.

The only other item I don't think I have addressed is the "update any locales you have installed". I'm not sure what this means and how I would go about changing this.

Anyhow I hope I'm overlooking something obvious. I hope you might be able to help guide me with further troubleshooting to diagnose what might be happening. I'm happy to to supply more information, screen grabs, etc.



  • Whenever you see "Something has gone wrong", add/change $Configuration['Debug'] = true; in your conf/config.php to see the actual error message.

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  • Thank you @Bleistivt ! Very helpful.

    I have enabled the debug and get error: Fatal Error in VanillaHooks.base_render_before();

    Attached is a capture of the error log. Any suggestions on how to further debug?

  • Tagging has been integrated into core. Disable the plugin or remove it from the /plugins folder.

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    OK. I have updated our live forum, but there seems to be some hiccups. I removed tagging, disabled all plugins before updating.

    1) The user default roles are not set. I have to manually set these before we can register new users.

    2) All users have to do an email password reset to login.

    3) I am not seeing plugin options in the dashboard, it appears to be a generic page listing, but no plugin options available when clicking on the plugins in left menu. That goes for many of the dashboard main menu items.

    Attached is a debug listing of the issue I see in the dashboard. The common error being "The addon with key jsconnect could not be found and will not be started."

    Suggestions? Thanks

  • delete /applications/vanilla/controllers/class.settingscontroller.php
    See the upgrade instructions for 2.5:

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  • Seems to be working well now. Thanks for the help and learning opportunity!

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