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Some troubles to setup SSO for my site+forum

  1. here : "Clicking the “Sign In” button in Vanilla generates an asynchronous request in the user’s browser session back to the main website. " , but, my browser redirects to my site on jsconnect page (that i have created) and nothing else, and NOT an asynchronous (json,jsonp) request in browser. :(
  2. I did not found the all steps for setup forum SSO with my site. :/ Yes, i used to create my page mysite_/jsconnect_ but what the next? just ouput some json and what the next? maybe should i send these data to some forum endpoint? i have tried send it to forum_/entry/oauth2_ and forum_/entry/jsconnect_ but nothing happends :angry: on /entry/oauth2 i have got : "Whoops! The code parameter is either not set or empty." but i can't see description of parametes in forum docs :(


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