How to add custom tables/columns in database via code?

I want to add some custom columns to database tables. So, when I will install or setup my application anywhere my custom tables/columns will automatically insert/update into the database. I want to implement this via code. Thanks in advance!


  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    This is easy, but you have to stick to some conventions to take benefit from all automatisms.

    If your plugin has a method called setup() it will be called automatically when the plugin is enabled. Therefore it is a good place to initiate the database change. But there is also another method with added functionality. If your plugin has a method called structure(), that method will be called everytime when the forum admin runs, which might be needed if the databse got corrupted or during update processes.

    Therefore you should use both methods like that:

        public function setup() {
        public function structure() {
                ->column('NewColumn', 'int', 0)

    And in this example, you already see how to create a new row in table Comment. You can find more examples by looking at /applications/dashboard/settings/structrue.php and /applications/vanilla/settings/structrue.php
    An you should also take a look at /library/database/class.databasestructure.php and read the comments for e.g. its method column()

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