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Page Manager 101

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Hello -

Using Page Manager 2.3 by SirNot. I added a new page under my Admin, Page Mangement settings:

Tab Name: Vote
Tab Identifier: stock_vote
Tab URL:

Problem is, I'm not sure if the Tab URL is correct, as I'd like to have the current tab structure listed at the top (Discussions, Categories, Search, etc), and use the login features of Vanila. But, I can't seem to figure out how to customize the newly added link to my page with a real page and have my content on it.

Basic instructions or a link to some would be greatly appreciated :D

Thank you!



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    Just include whatever html and/or php you want the new page to contain in the html field.
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    Kinda weird for me: I'll enter "Test" or the standard html header (<html><head><title>blah</title></head><body>Test</body></html>) and save, and the Discussion tab information will come up, like as if it was the Discussion page. Anything I'm doing wrong here? Thank you - Scott
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    Try not including any of those tags.

    Use Test and see what happens.
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    @garvin, Thanks for the reply. I type <b>Test</b> in, select Save, and then Click Edit again in the Page Manager, and the HTML is now gone. For some reason, it's not saving it? The "Vote" page still have the following on it no matter what I type there: All Discussions ----------------------------- No discussions found Thanks for helping me solve this! Scott
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    OK - so I'm pretty stup*d. I took the URL out of the Tab URL, and typed <b>test</b> into the Page HTMl, and hit save, and it works. Man - Why can't I figure that stuff out right off the bat. Sorry and thank you SirNot! Scott
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    Is there a way for Page Manager to create a page but not actually create a TAB for it?

    I want to be able to link to it manually from a comment.
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    The latest version allows you to do that.
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    pic Thanks jimw I guess this is another vote for an extensions manager update gadget.
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    Wanderer its coming. MArk said he is working on t
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    Funny thing, today, after months of no problems, all my tabs disappeared!

    I had to manually enter settings.php in the URL field and resync tabs in Page Manager.

    This of course not only got my tabs back but removed my custom tabs.

    Luckily I had recently decided to simply use include to point to external HTML instead of creating it in Page Manager, so fixing this problem took 2 minutes.

    I wonder what caused this? pic
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    Same exact thing happened to me, it is like all the sudden it just decides to crash lol... but I use the external HTML too, which everyone should use!!
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    What would happen if the CustomPages.php file was locked [r--r--r--] after settings were completed?
    Would it stuff things up?
    Obviously would need to be set back to [rw-r--r--] if changes were needed.
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    Regrettably I'm just as in the dark as you are; I really don't see why/how the file could have simply been wiped like that. The only time the file is ever actually opened is when it's written to (ie. save page or tab order), other than that it's simply included (like the extensions file in conf/). Maybe a server upgrade or something might have caused it?
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    Just in case you don't know:
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    Thanks SirNot,
    I made the change as suggested.
    All seems to be working well.

    Merry Christmas

    Posted: Thursday, 21 December 2006 at 7:32AM (AEDT)

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    well there seems to some sort of bug in the page reordering process I have to refresh every time i move a page , if i move 2 pages without refreshing it messes stuff up.(weird order)
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    edited December 2006
    My content is being pushed down by the items in the panel...

    Any Thoughts?
    If I remove the extensions that appear in the panel, it looks fine... so the panel items are causing the problem i think...
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    edited December 2006
    Got a problem with Page Manager and Friendly URLS.

    Working fine for the 'tab' on the navigation bar - url is correct and I made the changes to the mod_rewrite - all is well there.

    The problem occurs when I choose "Tab hidden from navigation" - the tab vanishes from the navigation (as expected) but appears on the Discussions Page (and no other) under a heading of 'Page Links'. No other links are listed under 'Page Links' and the link listed is the old non-friendly URL :(
    In fact, the 'Page Links doesn't appear at all unless I use "Tab hidden from navigation".

    Is the link supposed to appear under those circumstances?
    If so, can it be fixed so that it is the mod_rewrite link?

    .... or have I done something wierd?
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    What is really the point of FriendlyURLs? It seems like any extension that you try to use doesnt play nicely with it.
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    hmm... What is really the point of FriendlyURLs? i was wondering the same thing. I dont use it and that link is not caused by it. It is built it page manager on purpose.(again, i think it is)
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