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user roles with jsconnect

I have set up additional roles within vanilla, but I can't seem to pass the proper role through jsconnect. The user winds up with the "member" role. Some of the roles have two-word names, could this be the cause? I can shorten them to one word if need be.


  • Make sure the roles you want mapped actually have corresponding values in your Vanilla.

    After that, in your jsconnect.php from the mother site, make sure your logic is accurate

  • The incoming roles from jsconnect did/do have matching roles in vanilla. I edited the vanilla role names to be a single word, no spaces or special characters, updated the incoming role names, and it is working.

    The roles appear to be case-insensitive. The role names coming from jsconnect are all lower case, but the role names within vanilla are mixed case. The roles are properly assigned during the login process (jsconnect).

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