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Vanilla 2.8 is now available

LincLinc Detroit Admin
edited March 2019 in Releases

This is a very big release! See the full release notes or our pre-announcement.


  • Keystone Theme is now available and will be the default for new installs. It is fully responsive and brings a fresh new look to Vanilla.
  • Rich Text Editor is now available and will be the default for new installs. It brings a best-of-class writing experience to Vanilla.
  • The addons Akismet, Pockets, and Hero Image are now in core. These tremendously popular addons are now available without extra work.
  • The addons Button Bar and OpenID are deprecated. They have been moved out of core.
  • The addon Debugger has been deleted. (The DebugBar addon replaces it and is newly open sourced, but is not in core.)
  • Many medium-severity security issues reported via our HackerOne campaign are now resolved.

[ Download Vanilla here ]

Instructions to install, upgrade, and troubleshoot Vanilla are linked in the README file included in the download.

For help troubleshooting, start a new discussion and include what steps you have already taken from our troubleshooting list.

This is the FINAL release that will support PHP 7.0. It is our policy to drop support for PHP versions that have ended security support (PHP 7.0 support ended in December), and thus our next version will require PHP 7.1. (Note that the current PHP version is now 7.3 and we strongly recommend upgrading to it.)

Support for Vanilla 2.6.x has now ended.



  • PCTipsGRPCTipsGR Unknown New
    edited February 2019

    Perfect, now I can finally use Rich Editor and the other awesome plugins you have shipped (I did not mention keystone because I was already using it on previous version and it worked).

    Thank you Vanilla! I'm glad that I chose Vanilla for my forums.

    By the way, Softaculous has not made it available yet, and given the fact that users that tried manual update ruined their forums, I would like to call all Softaculous users to "report new version" so that it gets updated there too.

  • pioc34pioc34 Pézenas ✭✭
    edited February 2019

    I have updated my forum. I will now build a new theme based on keystone. Thank you for all!!!

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    Softaculous has not made it available yet

    My experience lately has been that they are usually quite quick to notice new versions and make them available, so I'd expect to see it there early next week.

  • The first time I installed Vanilla CMS 2.8, I see this after installation!

    Help what to do?

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... MVP

    This may be the same as the problem I have experienced installing Vanilla in XAMPPP since 2.6.

    If it is, going to the dashboard and enabling any plugin will enable the Vanilla plugin. However, you may find you are unable to enable to applications, such as Messenger for PMs.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    Yes, the workaround for Apache on Windows is to enable an addon. We haven't tracked down the root cause yet.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited February 2019

    Well, before upgrading my huge forum, I will update my own server to PHP 7.3.

    Thanks for the information. Glad to see this.

    I think, I will upgrade and use Vanilla as default forum for some of my clients instead of Flarum. Good job and thaks for the hard work ^_^


    ex- My MyBB user 😀

    edited February 2019

    Update it, easily... 2Gigs Databases upgrade it within minutes..

    This is what I am doing:

    • disable whole plugins, then rename (or remove) the folder for later use
    • change to default theme, then rename (or remove) the folder for later use
    • activated maintenance mode
    • uploading and overwriting all files
    • then do database upgrading process (forum.com/utility/update), just wait till the browser show the finished sign (ignore displayed successful message from browser, actually the upgrade process working, depend how big your forum and server. Just wait.....). It takes less than 2 minutes for my forum.
    • voilaa.... everything works.... and I see Pocket Plugin memorize my whole custom code..
    • and Keystone theme is amazing and fully mobile friendly!!

  • @FBI Pardon my n00bishness, as I'm am fairly green to this, but not totally. I know enough to be dangerous. lol

    I have a dev side of my vanilla forum setup so I'm not mucking around with my production forum in case I break something. I followed your steps to the T and ended up wiping out all my branding info. It appears to have kept my logo, though, even though that field is also blank in the dashboard.🤔

    Since I still have 2.6.4 installed as my production site, with essentially the same info that was previously on my dev site, where should I be looking to find all that info so I can copy it back to my dev site?

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin
    edited February 2019

    Today, we uploaded a new copy of the 2.8 zip file to the addons directory. We had accidentally included some front-end build files from an internal project that bloated the size of the package without providing any additional functionality. It has been removed.

    You can manually remove the files by deleting the folder /dist/knowledgebase from your copy. It's not hurting anything if you leave it there.

    Thanks to @R_J for reporting it.

  • pinchiespinchies New
    edited February 2019

    2.8 has broken file uploads again.... on my forum, and it looks like on others too:

    here and here

    I get an error message:

    "You are not allowed to upload files in this category"

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    It's possible what you're seeing is a security patch enforcing permissions as they were set in the Dashboard correctly for the first time. I haven't seen anyone provide more debugging information (in a separate discussion, as requested), and from what I can tell your cited examples were able to sort it out themselves, implying it was indeed a configuration issue.

  • LincLinc Detroit Admin

    We have now released Vanilla 2.8.1 with a number of fixes for the 2.8 release.

    You can read what changes were made here.

    Note that 7 medium-severity security issues were patched. Details are included in the notes above. We recommend updating immediately.

  • charrondevcharrondev Developer Lead (PHP, JS) Montreal Vanilla Staff
  • allensollyallensolly Highland Village, Tx 75077 New

    vanilla 2.8 is good

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