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Upgrade from 2.8 to 2.8.3

 just tried to update my forum to the latest version. Unfortunately, I can not open URL ... / utility / update. Because there is always a 404 error page.


  • KasparKaspar
    edited April 27


    I had that a couple of times - opened on 3. or 4. try.

    (Do not recall whether it was a 404 though)

  • No matter how often I try it does not work

  • On my server but no utility or update file can be found

  • No matter. I have another question. I can no longer set the button I marked on the picture to "ALL". There is always an error message

  • I see you have spaces in / utility / update

    It is /utility/update you use, right?

    How about /utility/structure ?

    Just to be sure of the url you are using - if your forum is:

    Then it is:


    If it is:

    Then it is




  • I mistyped myself. I did everything right and yet it does not work. Do you know how to fix the other problem? @Kaspar

  • Have never used the Follow feature.

    Did /utility/structure work?

    Can you access dashboard?

  • Has worked!

  • Now I only need help with the other error

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