Rich Editor 100%CPU and >1GB memory usage

VF 3.1

A member at my forum just reported that while writing a post, he had to look up some info meanwhile, that took some time - he then experienced:

CPU usage maxed 100%

Memory usage of the browser exceeded 1GB

It then hung and he had to force close the browser.

He have experienced it several times.

A memory leak was mentioned fixed here

As I recall Rich Editor uses the browser much more.

Are there improvements related to this issue coming with the next release?

In other words should I wait out the next release before trying to figure out reproduction steps?


  • I dropped a 1071 words 6788 character text chunk in editor and left it for 1.5 hours while doing other stuff, 10 tabs open

    Browser memory usage exceeded 1gb(not surprised)

    CPU usage : 5-10%

    Issue not replicated.

  • The member replied that firefox is being used.

    Had him test with chrome - no issue.

    Related to firefox

  • Unfortunately in my forum the rich editor has been a hassle in terms of performance, and especially on mobile devices, many users have complained about the performance and many cannot edit their comments because they are reading infinitely.

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