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Form popup

Is there a way to put custom forms in a popup?



  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    Take a look at e.g. the discussion move feature. You have to style an anchor with some special classes and then simply point it to a view that displays a form. Use the Form class isAuthenticatedPostback to make that secure

  • Vanilla comes with a powerful JS thingie that allows you to simply add a classname to your link

    <a class="Popup" href="linkToMyVanillaPage">My new pop up</a>

    I use Vanilla forum pages to house a lot of custom things. And Vanilla will grab the page with this url parameter ?DeliveryType=VIEW that means all else is excluded that is not the content specific.

    The potential is limitless.

    Scroll down this page for inspiration

  • And you can use the popup JS directly if the form is in your template on the present page

    jQuery.popup( '', $('#myFormDiv').html());

  • Thanks

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