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Version 3.2: Q&A plugin removes the comment author its titles upon answering

JeagerockJeagerock New
edited September 13 in Vanilla 3.x Help

Hey Guys!

I am not sure if I addressed this on the correct forum as it is regarding a plugin, however the author was named vanilla staff. The plugin I am using is: Q&A 1.4

The plugin works like a charm but I am having this one problem where a discussion creator can mark a comment as answered. When he or she marks the comment as answered the titles (admin, moderator, member and so on) disappear and the tag "<span class="AuthorInfo"> </span>" remains empty.

Is this also the case when a comment is not marked as answered?

  • No, when a comment is added the title are still visable.

What link can we use to give ourselves an image of the current problem?

I added a comment with the content: "In this comment my title is still displayed." and left it as comment instead of answered to show the difference.

Thanks in advance!



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