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How to sort discussions based on the discussion table column


I want to sort the discussions based on table column Score, my discussion table has Score entries

when I check this url somesite/discussions?sort=score nothing has changed. Any Ideas why this is not working?

In my plugin I have this code

public function discussionModel_beforeGet_handler($sender,$args){



  • Read this entire thread. Some very very very goods inside


    If you get stuck, do a $_GET (the vanilla f. way), match the key "score" and run this code

    Gdn::sql()->orderBy('score', 'desc'); //make the desc a variable if you want
  • Thanks for pointing me into the right direction. I also use the DiscussionsController_BeforeBuildPager_handler in my plugin to add the query string in the pager

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    @donshakespeare good to have you here 😀

    @rloyola sort by Score, desc is a a built in sort. You can find this in the DiscussionModel:

       protected static $allowedSorts = [
           'hot' => ['key' => 'hot', 'name' => 'Hot', 'orderBy' => ['DateLastComment' => 'desc']],
           'top' => ['key' => 'top', 'name' => 'Top', 'orderBy' => ['Score' => 'desc', 'DateInserted' => 'desc']],
           'new' => ['key' => 'new', 'name' => 'New', 'orderBy' => ['DateInserted' => 'desc']]

    Try /discussions?sort=top

  • @rloyola did you ever find a solution?

    I'd like to use the native addSort since my suggested answer fails woefully when across pagination.

    Anybody have any thoughts on the correct way, the right function/event to fire this addSort thing?


  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Try that one:

       public function discussionsController_afterPageCalculation_handler($sender) {
           DiscussionModel::addSort('comments', 'CountComments', ['CountComments' => 'desc']);
  • rloyolarloyola New
    edited February 2020


    I get the query string from the url and use it with  Gdn::sql()->orderBy in discussionModel_beforeGet_handler and discussionModel_BeforeGetCount_handler

               $sortValue = Gdn::request()->get('sort');

               if($sortValue == 'some_sort_value'){

                   Gdn::sql()->orderBy('some_discussion_column', 'desc');


    Then I update the pager query parameters using DiscussionsController_BeforeBuildPager_handler

    $defaultParams = Gdn::request()->get();

    $Page = GetValue(0, $args, 'p1');

    $sender->setData('_PagerUrl', 'discussions/{Page}'.'?'.http_build_query($defaultParams));

  • edited February 2020

    Let's just say I was over thinking the issue. I dislike when that happens; it can take me up to 5hrs to realize the room is dark because of my expensive sunglasses.

    For the record, @R_J that is exactly where to use addSort - works a charm!

    @rloyola thanks for knocking off my sunglasses and grounding me. I shall be using JS to fine-tune that part

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