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All Tags inquiry

manticore789manticore789 Down Under New
edited December 2019 in Feedback

Running on Vanilla 3.0

Thanks for building the All Tags plugin. It looks like a really good addition for our particular site. We're a music portal so most of our tags are based around artists and bands and things like that.

Our site base URL is: <site domain>/vf

When the plugin is installed the url displays an additional 'vf', so it looks like this:

<site domain>/vf/vf/discussions/tagged/<artist>

Is there a way to prevent this from occurring?

If I take out the second vf reference in the url the tag displays correctly.

Some some assistance would be gratefully accepted, as I mentioned it's a really neat plugin thanks very much.




  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Many thanks for so many kind words! The problem is the usage of the url() method in the view. It shouldn't be there...

    I have updated the plugin. But it used many methods which will be deprecated in the long run which I have eliminated. I'm not sure it will work with Vanilla 3.0. Please

    1. disable the old plugin
    2. upload the files
    3. delete /cache/addon.php
    4. enable the plugin
    5. check if everything works now as expected
    6. if there are still problems, come back and report about them

  • manticore789manticore789 Down Under New

    OK, I'll follow your instructions and get back to you. :)

  • manticore789manticore789 Down Under New

    Yes, as you guessed the plugin looks like it doesn't work with VF 3.0. So instead I will update the site to VF 3.3, which is something I was meaning to do anyway.

    Will let you know how it goes.

  • R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    Until then you could edit the enclosed addon.json file. Change the required version number and retry the steps above

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