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Registering an Invited New Member

I'm a newbie trying to set up Version 3.3, and things are gong quite well, but I would like to restrict membership to people that I (Administer) invite. I am experimenting by inviting a fictitious person, using an alternative email address of my own. I receive the invitation on my mobile phone. I click the "Join" button, and the fictitious person is then asked for my username and password. Well, of course, the fictitious person does not yet have these, as there has not yet been an opportunity to Register.

Is this an error with the system, have I missed something, or do I need to pre-register the people I want to invite and notify them of their login details prior to inviting them?


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    Don't know if this works in 3.3 but probably worth a try


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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    That's how the feature is expected to work. If you invite someone, you give that person the possibility to register, but that person doesn't need to if he/she is not interested.

    You've answered your question already. If you want to make things as easy as possible, you need to create users manually. You can do so from the dashboards users tab.

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    Thanks, ianw5555. I've installed and Enabled bulkinvite but I see no sign of it on any "Dashboard User menu". So perhaps it doesn't work with v 3.3

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    Thanks R_J.

    The problem is that the potential new member is not invited to Register when they open the forum site, only to Sign in. Of course they can't sign in because they have not yet registered.

    As you say, I'll probably have to create them all manually. Shame though, if the Invitation Option is not functioning properly.

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    This is how it looks to me if I enable invitation registration and it works as expected

    Maybe use the link from the mail and open it in a private window of your browser to get an impression of how it would really look to others.

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    "This is how it looks to me if I enable invitation registration and it works as expected"

    Good! If it works for you I'm sure there's a way it can work for me, R_J.

    Firstly, I have discovered that the complete absence of Registration option applies to the Mobile Phone version, When I tried on the Private window of the PC I do get the Registration option, but when I click it I get this:

    Where does the potential registrant find the Invitation code, please. It is not mentioned on the invitation email?

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    R_JR_J Ex-Fanboy Munich Admin

    That's the mail sent from my forum for an invitation. At the end of the link is the invitation code. If I click on the link, that code is inserted in the "Invitation Code" and if that happens, the "Invitation not found" error message doesn't show up.

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    Thank you so much for trying to help me sort this out, R_J.

    However, the email invitation that you have shared, above, is so different to the one that my forum sent that I have decided to by-pass the forum's invitation system and pre-register the twenty or so members that will make up the user-group. It will, I think, in the long run, be easier and quicker than pursuing the alternative.

    Maybe it's an issue with version 3.3.

    Anyway. I give up, but many thanks.

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    phreakphreak Vanilla*APP (White Label) & Vanilla*Skins Shop MVP

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