YAGA reactions - What da ya(ga) need?

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Hi everybody,

As promised in another thread I am currently working on a new library of YAGA reaction icons. After the amazing code contributions to YAGA by @Bleistivt with help from @R_J and @pioc34 as well as others... it is now about time to give the look of reactions a fresher appearance.

This is the old icon table that - especially on retina displays - appears to be blurry and uncrisp.

I started working on new SVG icon set to integrate into YAGA. They will be able to scale to any dimension as they are SVGs. So far I cover some basics and before I come to more special icons I would like to ask the community what could be smart and relevant reactions making sense to many forums.

So first of all, what do you think of it and more importantly which reactions should I create that could be utilized by many communities? 🤔

Please provide one or two sentences of little explanation so I can understand the reaction you propose.

➡️ Current YAGA version can always be found here: https://vanillaskins.com/plugins.html#yaga

Thanx to everyone,


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  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I wish I could give the reaction "Promote" for promoting your effort, "Awesome" for the work done so far.

    And "Like", "LOL" and a non-existent "WTF" at the same time for that Star Trek reaction - what could that be used for?! 🤣

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