Retroactive changes to HTML parsing in posts

jamesincjamesinc Sydney ✭✭
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I've got an issue with my long-running Vanilla forum. There are lots of older posts that include HTML tables, and something in the rendering side of things has led to these tables now be displayed as plaintext (i.e. < is being translated to &lt;)

A lot of these older posts contain information with a very long useful lifespan and I would like to not have this sort of content rot on my forum.

How can I make the renderer ignore these older posts? They are all stored in the DB with Format=BBCode, but the forum uses the Rich editor these days.

Running Vanilla 3.3


  • LincLinc Senior Bard Detroit Admin

    I suspect HTML support was removed from the BBCode parser. Is there also BBCode mixed in those posts?

  • R_JR_J Cheerleader & Troubleshooter Munich Moderator

    I was curious and created a BBCode post in my test forum:

    And this is how it looks like:

    Can it be caused by another plugin? Have you taken a look at what is stored on DB level?

  • jamesincjamesinc Sydney ✭✭

    @R_J I think my original post was vague around this - your DB input and rendered output are consistent with mine. The DB has HTML stored in the post body, but when rendered to the page it is being escaped and displays as html-as-text, same as yours.

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