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I'm about to upload this extension, so i'm creating this discussion for bug reports, comments etc.

Adds quote option to posts. Works with any format type without complex JS parsing (retrives original data from DB on the fly). Redirects to last(CommentBox) page if needed. Works great in combination with BBCode (BetterBBCode), Vanillacons and similars.

This extension is my quick attempt to resolve some issues i had with another quote extensions. It's stable and fully functional, however I plan to rewrite js file, and make redirection to commentbox page with POST ..




  • Well that saves me the trouble of writing it :D
  • Thumbs up, scip!
  • the only thing, that prevents me from using it is, that you always quote a full comment and you can't select a text phrase
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    There's no easy way of solving that, though, since the client code (which knows the selection limits) has no idea what positions they map to in the original markup.

    I think it's well worth it in exchange for never having to worry about parsing HTML backwards into markup.
  • Just a stupid question from myself ;)

    From your readme.txt
    Change ajaxqoute_format in ajaxquote.js to define format type (Html or BBCode);

    I wonder why it's not possible to check which syntax is checked at the bottom of the comment box and set the format type depending on the users choice?

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    Hate to be the one to tell you this, but the extension image in the Add-on's area of the site... The 'quote' button actually reads 'qoute', is this in the actual extension, too?! Heh, just a small pointer, good job with the extension itself though, I am sure it's very nice! :)
  • Yeah the typo is in the actual extension, but it only takes a second to fix.
  • Great add on, something I am sure everyone on our forum will use. I just added it.
  • @neyo: lol .. i know about typo .. i saw after i uploaded it //customize: $Context->Dictionary['Quote'] = 'qoute'; change this to 'quote' in default.php i'll fix it in extension ... but the picture stays :)
  •  Quote: scip  i'll fix it in extension ... but the picture stays :)
    How long would it take to do another screenshot?

    Just me being pedantic and anal but goofs like that don't indicate a good attitude to detail and testing in your coding.
  • my plugin .. my screenshot ..

    Just me being pedantic and anal but goofs like THAT don't indicate a good attitude to detail and testing OF MY coding.
  • Alrighty then, overdosed on pizza and Pepsi methinks. :-)
  • is this meant to replace the quotation extension ? pepsi yuk don't you know that will kill your liver ? ;-)
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    @ scip or bergamot: With tinyMCE on, the quote can't be added in the textarea. How can I add the quote in the iframe? I know there is a tinyMCE function for that ("tinyMCE.execCommand("mceInsertContent",false,quote);*"). What should I change in ajaxquote.js? * more detail here:
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    read below
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    you have to change _ajaxquote() in ajaxquote.js for that:function _ajaxquote(request) { if(g_aq){ g_aq.className = ''; g_aq.innerHTML = q_qoute; } if(!request.responseText || request.responseText=='ERROR'){ _ajaxquote_failure(); return false;} var tinyMCEquote = '<blockquote><cite> '+g_com_author+':</cite>'+ request.responseText+'</blockquote><p>&nbsp;</p>'; tinyMCE.execCommand("mceInsertContent",false,tinyMCEquote); return false; }
  • Wanderer 我怎么没有找到他引用的那个样式呢,我好喜欢那种风格
  •  Quote: raidybor  æˆ‘怎么没有找到他引用的那个样式呢,我好喜欢那种风格

    No need for that language mate :-)
  • Wanderer Sorry. . . I do not speak English, I say that I like your use of the format, I do not know if you read understand? 对不起... 我不懂英文,我说我很喜欢你的那个引用的样式,不知道你看的懂吗?
  • In fact, I would like to exchange with you, because I liked Western ways of doing things, but I do not speak English, there is no way you, I would only through translation, and I do not know if you want to make friends not? 其实我很想和你们交流,因为我喜欢西方人的做事方法,但是我不懂英文,所以没有办法和你们交流,我只能通过 翻译,不知道你们想和我做朋友不?
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