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Vanilla 2021.009 no categories found



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  • MrCaspanMrCaspan
    edited August 2021

    You can also double test by changing line 888 in the file /applications/dashboard/models/class.permissionmodel.php and add var_dump($permissions);exit; to it



    887        $permissions = $sql->get()->resultArray();
    888        return $permissions;

    To This

    887        $permissions = $sql->get()->resultArray();
    888        var_dump($permissions);exit;
    889        return $permissions;

    It will then do a dump of the $permissions array to ensure that Vanilla is reading the values properly using what ever PDO settings vanilla is using.

    And again please note this fixes one issue... there might be more but it fixes the Categories not showing up there might be other bugs related to this that are not solved by this.. Just a peace of the puzzle ;)

  • I suspect this has been an issue for a long time... and I hope that the essential info about using mysqlnd can be added to the installation documentation?

    I actually previously submitted a PR to Vanilla forum for a very similar database type issue, quite a while back -- except from memory that one was about a string/bool mismatch.

  • Also to note it might be a good idea to keep the nd_mysqli setting that we tested before as this affects some PDO statements also

  • Ok, so the final recommendation is:

  • MrCaspanMrCaspan
    edited August 2021

    I suspect it has been also but the older code the coders were using == not === in their statements, It actually explains a lot of small weird bugs I was having with forms showing as not read but they were read. It could have caused all kinds of just small issues. I agree this should be added to the documentation as a requirement for Vanilla as well there shoudl be coded added to the installer that tests to ensure you are not a victim of this issue before installing.

  • pinchiespinchies New
    edited August 2021

    Yes, it would be even better if the installer code tested for it and gave a warning!

  • It's a MySQL statement you would run it on your MySQL server

  • I have the same issue, in 2021.009 as I can view them as admin but not guest or members.

    Hope this is updated soon.

  • Did you look at the threads on how to solve this its a server issue

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