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Vanilla 2023.001 Open Source Release - PHP 8 Works! (Built From Source)



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    edited March 2023

    Pardon the confusing prose, but I can't seem to post a proper comment because cloud flare thinks I may be a bot? Editing the first comment seems to somewhat work

    Has anyone encountered issues with image upload? I can see them upload alright onto the server, and the image preview is shown, but it disappears once you try to post the discussion or comment

    I've fixed deprecation notices at https://github.com/banaanihillo/vanillaforums-2023-php8 and I'm trying to describe them but I can't post a proper comment

    I think I even managed to fix the ancient Discussion Polls plugin, so feel free to have a look

    I'm trying my best not to laugh since this all seems really similar to all the issues we've had when trying to update 3.3 to 2021.009 or 2022.n or now the 2023.001 version, just to get PHP8+ working

    So, any of you found a proper update path from 3.3 yet? PHP8 support is the priority, really, but I wouldn't mind all of the other enhancements along the way either

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    Looks like that particular problem may or may not be related to the deprecated(?) Advanced Editor, in conjunction with the new(?) Rich Editor.

    Both the image upload and link embed appear to be working properly after disabling the Advanced Editor and then selecting the Rich format at https://${communityAddress}/forum/vanilla/settings/posting for both the Post Format and Mobile Format fields.

    I guess I'll have a look at the ancient Yet Another Gamification Application next.

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    @AstRuc I tried for a good couple of weeks now to build this still haven't been successful I think the information you gave above has more information than the poxy documentation given by vanilla... My question is what in gods name do I enter when it asks for the version number and the branch (I Type in 2023.003 and Master but tried 2023.003 on both) It fails right at the end it does say build successful but it failed on building the .zip file in the releases folded stating that vanilla.zip was not found I'm so frustrated by this as it little trouble to just add a ready build version to the repository...

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    Looks like all the pages under /profile end up as a View Not Found error, too. Not sure if it's something to do with old themes (not the new Appearance thing), or if it's a completely separate issue. The error does seem to pop up even if we change the old theme into a new 2023 theme like Keystone. Still don't quite know how to properly log stuff into actual log files via PHP either, so vomiting them onto the page itself seems the only way to figure out what's happening.

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    timme2707timme2707 New
    edited March 2023

    Got some problems while running /utility/update, does anyone has a tip for me?

    Fatal Error in Garden\Web\Exception\HttpException.createFromStatus();
    ALGORITHM=INPLACE is not supported for this operation. Try ALGORITHM=COPY.
    The error occurred on or near: /var/www/vhosts/.../package/library/Garden/Web/Exception/HttpException.php

    Thanks in advance, also for keeping vanilla alive 😊

    Answered myself: I just removed ALGORITHM = INPLACE LOCK = NONE in:

    • applications\vanilla\settings\structure.php
    • library\database\class.databasestructure.php
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    Thanks, sorry, I used 2023.003. Build system is not very solid. For me it's now working in WSL not in dedicaded vm...

    Next try with 2023.004.

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    My bad, had added a modified file onto the wrong location so it ended up with just a cryptic error. PHP8.2+ deprecation notices would be next up, I guess.

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    @AstRuc What do you type in when the build asks for What version and what Branch do you want to install? I just want to make sure its not failing because of that...

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    I answer in my previous post... I used '2023.003'

    1. Unzip your vanilla src zip in ~/vlna/vanilla/ (root)
    2. ./bin/release.sh
    3. Enter 2023.003 for 2 questions
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