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wordpress and vanilla

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Well, I finally got the blogging/wordpress bug on Sunday past.....enough to buy a music related domain name that I had always hankered after. I spent the last two days trying to create a nice logo in Photoshop, as well as finding a nice theme and learning about plugins. Tomorrow, all being well, i will start my attempts at integrating vanilla. Wish me luck!


  • ::Wishes luck for strawberries::
  • awesome design!
  • thanks everyone for the kind words. I've only got back onto the pc there now, and the daunting task of integrating vanilla starts tonight. I think it shoud be ok. It's just a matter of following Mark's instructions (he created a set for integration). Plus a poster in here integrated vanilla IIRC into a site called devlounge. He also detailed how he did it. But getting one signup for both vanilla and wordpress is one thing, my major conern will be getting the integration to look good ie i don't want it to obviously look like they are seperate scripts. Thanks Bentot, glad you like the logo/banner. Photoshop is an area that I love to dabble in. And for that logo I picked out many of my fave music stars eg beatles, buddy holly, johhny cash and brian wilson. I'm slowly getting the site done. BTW if anyone uses wordpress and could recommend their favorite plugins, I'd be most grateful. Wordpress is entirely new to me.
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    yeee-haa!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tonight successfully integrated wordpress with vanilla, thanks to Mark's great instructions, over at: They now both work from the one database....and have a single sign-up. Yeeee-haaaaaaa! Tomorrow, all being well, I will focus on which sign-in box/register to use (ie either vanilla's or wordpress's one) on the I need to now turn my attention to integrating the look/template of vanilla to match the wordpress part of the site. Anyone's who is interested can have a look: The vanilla chat forum is clickable on the top line....the link is marked COMMUNITY
  • just thinking if the person clicks in vanilla on ACCOUNT, and they chamnge their username and or password, will this feck up their wordpress sign-in details? Is it possible to turn off that ACCOUNT tab I wonder? Or maybe we don't need to do that? Ideas?
  • strawberries, there are so many WP plugins. I use a bunch on my blog. If you click on the link in the Navigation sidebar called "Plugins Used", it will list what I use. Good luck with your blog.
  • Jim, thanks for the post and link. It's great to get some ideas re plugins. PS - great to see you over in the forum.
  • I had a look at that template integration page at But the code mentioned in the header.php of his wordpress theme is nowhere to be found in my wordpress theme's header. :( Anyone any ideas re how I could get my vanilla forum matched with my wordpress section?
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    I did this weeks ago with the help of filosofo from the wordpress forums. What i had to do was put the call to the wp-blog-header in my database.php file. Then mod some framework.mysql file. If you like i can send you the 2 files that had to be modd'ed. 1 note tho and i don't know if this will happen to you, but after the intergration, i now have 2 head and 2 body tags (currently trying to find out how to fix this). Jimw and traveljunkie have both done this and they do not have 2 head and 2 body tags so i don't know if it will happen to you or not.
  • I actually never did get it to work. I was trying the integration as a test. I'm happy with keeping WP and Vanilla separate for the time being.
  • thanks for the posts. carnold, great to hear that you got it to work - just a pity about the 2 head and body tags issue. Hopefully that can be resolved. I'd be very grateful if you could send me the 2 files that have to be modded (along with any instructions that are handy). My address is: drunkenlosers at (don't laugh, but Drunken Losers was at one point gonna be our band's name)
  • i managed to get it to work. but there are some problems with plugins on both sides. for example, when the wp-roles plugin is installed then you get errors with the search function and the account page in vanilla. the vanilla language picker doesn't work anymore as well. there were a few others i don't remember now, but right now all the plugins that are left over work alright.
  • from: Integrating Vanilla Forum and WordPress Themes The folks at Vanilla have a handy guide to integrating the database tables and cookies of WordPress and Vanilla, but they don’t explain how to use the WordPress themes in Vanilla. It’s pretty simple. First, you need to include the WordPress files. A good place to do this is at the bottom of the Vanilla conf/database.php file, where you should put <?php require_once('../wp-blog-header.php'); ?> (of course make sure that’s the path to wp-blog-header.php–yours may be in a different directory). Second, you need to re-connect WordPress to the database, because Vanilla will close the connection early. Edit Vanilla’s library/Framework/Framework.Class.MySQL.php file, adding the two lines in boldface to this section near the top of the file: class MySQL extends Database { function CloseConnection() { if ($this->Connection) @mysql_close($this->Connection); global $wpdb; $wpdb = new wpdb(DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_NAME, DB_HOST); } That’s it! Now you can use WordPress functions, such as get_header(), in the Vanilla theme. <end of paste> ************************************************************ I found the above there now after googling. Does it sound like it might work? If it might work, can someone explain, to an ignoramus like me, what that final sentence means in practical terms? ie what code I have to edit/change.
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    hey strawberries,

    it does work. wordpress works with different functions, like get_header() or get_sidebar() (more info about those you can find here). if, for example, you put <?php get_sidebar() ?> anywhere in a template then this function calls sidebar.php from your template files and adds it to the document.

    i've found the wordpress forum not really helpful, but the documentation is easy to understand and there's loads of it.
  • hi traveljunkie, no joy here. :( when i try to add a line to the bottom of my database.php file, re wp-blog-header.php, my site comes all unstuck (errors) What should the bottom of my database.php look like when amended? my final lines are: $DatabaseColumns['Notify']['Method'] = 'Method'; $DatabaseColumns['Notify']['SelectID'] = 'SelectID'; $DatabaseColumns['Notify']['SelectID'] = 'SelectID'; <?php require_once('/public_html/multitrackers/wp-blog-header.php'); ?> ?> The newly added line (one before the end) is leaving me messed up. I am not sure where to put it, spaces to leave, etc. I get syntax errors and file not found, etc.
  • the way you did it you've got php code within another php code. it should be like this:
    <?php here's all the vanila related stuff before all that wordpress stuff // Map existing wordpress columns to Vanilla $DatabaseColumns['User']['UserID'] = 'ID'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['Name'] = 'user_login'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['Password'] = 'user_pass'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['Email'] = 'user_email'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['DateFirstVisit'] = 'user_registered'; // Also map the Wordpress columns into Vanilla $DatabaseColumns['User']['user_nicename'] = 'user_nicename'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['user_url'] = 'user_url'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['user_activation_key'] = 'user_activation_key'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['user_status'] = 'user_status'; $DatabaseColumns['User']['display_name'] = 'display_name'; ?> <?php require_once('/your/path/to/wp-blog-header.php'); ?>
    this should do the trick.
    good luck
  • Sorry guys, i have been busy with work. I will send you those 2 files in about 1 hour (finally, the day is over).
  • no worries carnold, i have been in and out here myself across the day. Good if we could all find a solution to the integration issue. Thanks traveljunkie for the help with the code. I'm running into a few errors....will post back shortly....gonna try a few more tweaks when i used the new code, one of my vanilla extensions was causing an error - ie feedreader extension was throwing up a snoopy error (in file I have turned off the Feedreader extension - and now Vanilla loads, but there is lots of code garbage at the top of the page see
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    solved! rather than put that code in midway down, I put it in at the very very end (in the format you said traveljunkie) and it works ie vanilla laods again yeehaa Now to look at the second bit of coding mentioned above. ie with respect to editting the Vanilla’s library/Framework/Framework.Class.MySQL.php file
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