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Webdesign: Did a mistake with a customer

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Ha, I hope this is the last topic I open today *lol* Sorry for this, but I simply think I can find nice people in here that could maybe help me... I will stop spamming with such topics right after this one, promised :-)

@Topic: I am new in web design business, at least on my own. I have got my first own "big fish" and did a great mistake at the beginning. To get this customer I knew I had to fall back with my hourly wages. I did this because I really want to have this one, and since it is my first bigger one, it is okay for me... so far. But I did the mistake to be not spontanously when he asked me whether the wages are with or without tax, so the current state is that it's with taxes included, which makes 16% less for me. And since I already decreased the wages in a great amount, the same _including_ the taxes is really too far under my normal hourly wages. I can not do this for more than this first project (planned are several projects, so this one is only 1/8 of the potential this customer gives me), it is simply too little.

So my question is: How could I negotiate that I have to raise the wages for the next project, without harming the customer as being too stingy or too artful? How would you negotiate that you have to take more than it was said for the first project? Well, the greatest problem is that I am not that self-confident in such things... how would you behave in such a situation?


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