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Wishlist for Vanilla 2.0

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Here are mine , you can add yours. these features should be in core Vanilla. This is NOT extension wishlist.
  1. Standardize on a javascript library. (i prefer standardizing it on jQuery)
  2. Template Engine. If you want more themes (not styles) then you need a theme engine. I prefer PHPtemplate type engine. Simple php functions that can be called.
  3. Extension update notification
  4. Extension dependencies and suggestions
  5. Multi user whisper, and whisper to roles
  6. Subcategories
  7. Category dependent themes
  8. Discussion moderation
  9. Add page management extension to core


  • There is already a SVN repository available :) Search this site for the url.

    Also, I don't think there will be a Vanilla 2.0.... If Mark will release a new version it'll be probably 1.0.2 or whatever. Version 2.0 would mean he'll completely rewrite the framework :P
    I do like the javascript idea and I'm also waiting for extension update checking :)
  • yeah i think extension update/auto-install a la firefox extensions update and dependencies check would make vanilla really sweet.
  • Mark has said he wont do autoinstall of stuff for security reasons. It's not that he doesnt like the idea though. If someone can work out a secure way of doing it then he'd probably be interested.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    For the record, I had prototype in Vanilla in a previous incarnation, and everyone complained that it was too much js to load.
  • akbakb
    edited October 2006
    well, i dont know what i would want at the moment. all the things that i'd like to see in vanilla are mostly implementable as plugins, but I dont really know what could be done at the core :-) okay, I'd like to have email announcements of new answers for the lussumo forum itself, but i dont think that has anything to do with what you asked :D
  • Prototype is big obviously. Hence why not use jQuery :)
    jQuery is small and fast. it will be perfect.
  • features ... i would say :

    1. hints
    2. hints
    3. hints
    4. hints
    5. social network alike buddylists in profiles
    6. hints

    and last but not least hints.
  • what are hints?
  • drupal will use jQuery for their 5.x releases, if it's of any interest

    drive your mouse over those image

    hints are cool for additional "personal" informations or for ironic or sarcastic winks .

    this mod was a ipb mod and i have no idea how to convert (because i'm not an advanced coder)

    tell me if youre done (i'd like close the forum again)
  • Well now I know what you mean but i still dont get it :D
  • okay , you dont get the site? idea? or sense? :/
  • all 3 really. It doesnt help that it's all foreign :D what's the point of making someone mouseover to read something?
  • yes ..

    well i know you never used it before, and you never felt the power of hints (lol), but a hint makes your online life brighter, and your skin looks much better!
  • edited October 2006
    those are just Tooltips. Whats so special about em.
  • let me open up the forum again .. one sec
  • now you can
  • edited October 2006
    ain't they just tooltips of images. hover over the image below
  • other than that it's based on this here

    implementation: (login: test , pw: test)

    for the bbcode :
  • this is very easy to do with extensions. the userinfotooltip extension does that I don't see why it should be in vanilla core
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