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Vanilla not ordering discussions

edited October 2006 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
Hello everyone nice to be here!, I've been using vanilla for a couple of weeks now and everything is going great at my new site.

As of a couple of days aho I've been having trouble with the discussion order (the discussion tab), it seems as if they were in a random order because new discussions aren't appearing first and also when someone comments on another duscussion it wont appear first either (by first I mean directly below the "Important" duscussions)

new discussions appear even on the last page of discussions... what could this be? I have not installed new extensions, also I read something about a whisper bug but whispers are disabled...

If I sink or close a discussion, it will stay in the exact same place it was but with the Sink or Closed tags before the discussion name

please help this is not good for my forum users :( I dont want to start loosing members


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