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I made another extension! Chat Status (formerly AIM Status)

edited February 2007 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
I'm on an extension-writing spree! I've written an extension called AIM Status that adds a Personal Information field for your AIM screen name; then, on your public profile, it not only displays it as an aim:goim link, it also shows your online status. (Unfortunately, it can't detect away status, but it at least shows whether you're online or offline.)

If this is well-received, I'll probably add support for other IM networks. I think I know how for YIM and MSN, at least.

(I'm going to be more conservative with versioning; when I first released Latest Discussions Prime as 1.0, it still had a few bugs that people later caught. This extensions seems to be working fine in its current state, but I'm calling it 1.0 Beta 1, in case there are any glitches left.)


  • I'm European, so Skype and MSN status please
  • nice work, man i'm european & aim is good with me i don't use anything else now that ichat's about
  • PolPol
    edited November 2006
    Ok, I updated it. It is now called Chat Status. I've added support for Skype, and also made it a bit more abstract so it'll be easier for me to add more networks.
  • ICQ! I Install it, but i must remove the line 27, because i had an error with this line.
  • PolPol
    edited November 2006
    @STE7130: ICQ will be coming in the next version, probably.

    Line 27 imports the PEAR class HTTP_Request. That'll only be an error if you don't have that file. If you don't have it, then it won't be able to check AIM status. (I should probably change it so it instead checks if you have that file, and only enables AIM support if it is present, and otherwise silently excludes AIM.)

    By the way, to anyone who installed Beta 1 which was still called AIM Status, you will of course have to manually disable that one and enable the new version, since the name is different.
  • Ok, I uploaded beta 3. This adds ICQ, and it also no longer requires that PEAR class at all.
  • Does this work with iChat?
  • Yes, I use iChat myself. If you use AIM through a .Mac account, just put your .Mac email address as your AIM screen name.
  • Any comments, bug reports, feature suggestions, etc. from any of you? If not, I'll take it out of beta and call the current version 1.0
  • Tried Skype. Works peachy.

    Note to all that you have to specifically allow others to see your status in Skype
    (Tools / Options / Privacy / [x] Allow my status to be shown on the web )

    Pol, any chance for MSN and Yahoo (to cover all bases)?
  • Pol, excellent work! I awarded it 5 stars on the download page. I wish tho that it had yahoo messenger.
  • Ah, right. I wanted to work on adding more networks before I take it out of beta. Just give me a few minutes. :)
  • PolPol
    edited November 2006
    Ok, I uploaded Beta 4, which adds MSN and Yahoo. Enjoy!
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited November 2006
    I'll test it now. Silly question perhaps, but does it support Jabber/Gtalk? :D

    If you're really generous, include Blackberry PIN (I mean, then you've covered them all!)
  • OK, so YIM works for me (shows online/offline, nothing else). Note that you have to make sure the privacy settings are properly set.
    (i.e. do not sign in as invisible, [x] "allow Yahoo web sites to show when I am online", if you change these settings open and close YIM)

    I cannot get MSN to work properly, no matter what the privacy settings I pick. If anyone else can let me know.
  • The next version will include Jabber/Gtalk support, hopefully. I'll look into the MSN bug.
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited November 2006
    Pol, I read somewhere that MSN may require a HTTPS call.
    Also, check out
  • Any feedback on this error? "Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/messageboard/extensions/ChatStatus/StatusUtils.php" I think it happened when my AIM status came up as 'unavailable'.
  • Hmm... Does it say a line number?
  • i didn't notice, i'll try to recreate it...
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