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Apple iTalk mockup commercial

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guys you have to watch this.

PS:No one is more creative than Apple fanboys. there are literally tons of mockups of Apple products.

PS: Mark can we please have google and youtube embedded video. HTMl formmater new version allows that.


  • I want one.
  • I saw this months ago, it was a spiritual experience!

    Apparently a phone from Apple is not that far away, it won't be that one but it will be stunning.

    /me No 1 Fanboy!
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    the ad is so awesomely done. The music goes sooo well with the feel of the ad.
    It has the look and feel of a true apple ad.
    if the author didn't put a disclaimer. everyone would believe its an Apple product and commercial.

    watched it 16 times already and counting . I love it
  • If Apple do eventually release a mobile phone and it looked good then I wouldn't get the first generation model. I'd wait until they'd ironed out all the kinks.
  • I agree giginger but it's not so much the looks that I'm after, although that's important, it's the out-of-the-box syncing compatibility with Apple Mail, iCal etc. that I want.
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    @giginger: me too. There are lots of guinea pigs anxious to pay to be the first to try them, though. ;-)

    Anyway: the phone design is definately NOT apple. Too boxy.
    And the double clamshell design looks akward and difficult to use.
    I'd expect a candy bar format, like an iPod, or a sliding keypad.

    Two words for apple designs: simple AND sexy. I don't see any of those characteristics in this mockup.
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    the Apple iphone will be candybar
    the commercial is sexy and elegant and simple
    the product is sexy but not simple
  • Here are more fictional Apple product mockups. It's very well-done. These could pass for real products; Apple should hire him. :)
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