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I am running into problems trying to decide what to name the different roles on my install and what they should be able to do...

I guess I was wondering what other people have for a roles system...

Administrator (Full)
Assistant Administrator (Partial, edits custom pages and such)
Moderator (takes care of the discussions)
Power User (can view another board, vip?)
Member (normal)


  • What do you mean by 'can view another board'? All the other role names are very well chosen, as they are self-explaining, I think.
  • The power user can view another category(sorry, used to being on other software... boards/

    Yeah idk, the hardest part is trying to decide how much they should be able to do. Such as on one of my boards, I have 2 good friends who are the moderators, and since I have been working on another site, I gave them an account that has all permissions... so they use their account for moderating and if they need permissions that they dont have, they use the admin account.
  • Still so not understand what means "another category". Can normal user not see any category?
  • no they cannot see that category, it is sort of a vip lounge...
  • I see. Then I would use Member and VIP Member, as you already said. That is self-explaining. Very well chosen, so. :)
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