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Private Messages 1.1

edited June 2009 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
This extension will transform your Vanilla whisper system into the more commonly-known "Private Messages" system. It uses the whisper system, so you'll have to enable that if you haven't done already! Also, you'll need to create a new category where all whispers will be saved to. This category should not be accesably by any role as it will be used internally.

Download: Private Messages 1.1





- Send messages to multiple receipients
- Option to disable "old-style" whispering
- New message notification


  • Thank you for this great extension! I'm shure my users will like it!

    But, if I enable friendly urls, I get an error 404 when trying to read a message... :-(

  • ouch.. didn't test it with Friendly users :) Will look into this!
  • And one more wish: Would it be possible, to add a "Send PM"-Link to the profile-page too?

  • And even one more, without friendly urls! ;-)

    If I try to answer a message I'm getting an error, telling me, I have to enter the person I whisper to! Strange!
  • I've just uploaded a new version which will fix the major bug where you couldn't reply!!! I still have to set up a system with friendly urls though :)
  • StashStash
    edited December 2006
    Well played Jazzman, I look forward to it working with Friendlies :) (shouldn't that be part of the Core?)
  • @Jazzman:
    Thank you! Great work!


    I'm using that allready, but I think it would be nice to have the possibility to send a *private message* direkt from the profile...

  • edited December 2006
    i agree... having tested the extension it seems to separate 'whispers' from 'private messages'?

    so if you send a whisper, it doesn't appear in your inbox...
    if you whisper within a thread, it doesn't appear in your inbox...

    am i correct?

    if so i would like to hide all references to whispers on all other pages... as it could get confusing if people are caught between two systems...
  • edited December 2006
    also: it would be nice to create links in this format:


    so i could have links on my WordPress blog that point to the 'send a message' screen in vanilla.
  • edited December 2006
    another thing.

    when i send a PM, the message i sent appears in MY inbox as an unread message as well as in my sent items, is this the correct behaviour?
    (also, in the inbox, it has my username on it, not the username of the person i sent it to.)

    sorry for all the posts.
  • Hey Jazzman - great idea for an add-on, many forum users expect this functionality now I think, so it's very useful.

    Just to say, there's a conflict between the "Latest Topics" add-on and this "Private message" add-on. "Private message" appears under the "Latest Topics" heading when this add-on is enabled, but broswing to it produces the standard error message:

    Some problems were encountered The requested discussion could not be found. The requested discussion could not be found.

    Also I think that the context in which most PMs are sent is in response to posts in a category. So changing "whisper" to "send private message" or "send PM" is a good idea. Users will get confused if both terms are used and will not use the feature if they aren't sure.

    Great add-on though. Hope you have time to use this feedback!
  • just noticed another small bug... for some reason, i have some extension options in my inbox sidepanel (i am the admin).

  • edited December 2006
    more comments from my forum users:

    1. in the 'sent' items' box, you see the username of the person you sent your PM to. in the inbox, you see the username of the person that started the whisper exchange, which could be your own username. the inbox should always show the other user's name. otherwise it could be really hard to distinguish between messages.

    2. if you send a new PM, it appears in your inbox as an unread item. this is confusing people as they think they have a new message when they don't.

    3. the extension still appears to work with whispers turned off which is good news as it is less confusing for people! however, in IE, i have no sent items appearing in the sent box, even though they are sent OK. in firefox, i have messages in the outbox but no usernames attached to them. still, maybe this is a good sign that the extension could be easily adapted for people who wanted whispers to be disabled.

    4. i have, with wallphone's help, added the following to the top of the file:

    $SendTo = $_GET['SendTo']; $Discussion->WhisperUsername = $SendTo; // or use urldecode(ForceIncomingString('SendTo', ''));

    this allows me to pass &SendTo=Username in the url, although it needs a bit more work so it doesn't throw up an error if &SendTo is not there. it might be nice if this were included in the next version.

    5. lots of requests for either email notification or an unread message count in the tab.

    thanks again for your work, jazzman. this is the most requested feature in my forum, and the most important plugin, which is why i am so vocal about it :)
  • tnx for the response people :) I will take these in my next release, which should be next week :)
  • awesome - not sure if this has been mentioned but notification of new PMs like new whispers would be great. doesn't seem to happen on mine. also, the inbox tab in the diagram you have shows a (1) after the word inbox, which is also an indicator but also doesn't seem to happen on mine either. cheers !
  • Update:

    - Original Whisper system will now be deactivated by default
    - From/To column will now always display the 'other' username you have whispered to, or who has whispered you
    - 'Send private messages' link added to profile page (uses 'SendTo' from URL querystring)
    - Added user preference to receive an email notification when a new private message arrives

    NOTE: The new-message indicator on the tab is still disabled, because I don't have a good query that gives me the count for new whispers.... So, if anyone can provide me with such a query, I would be very happy :)
  • thank you jazzman!!
    it works brilliantly.

    is there a way to turn on email notification for all users as the default? (is it a database setting?)
  • jazz, you bring music to my day. Great extension!
  • I get the following... The error occurred on or near: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'on t.FirstCommentID = m.CommentID where t.Active = '1' and t.CategoryID = '5'' at line 1
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