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Update for critical security issue in PHPMailer included in release Vanilla 2.3.1
Vanilla 1 is no longer supported or maintained. If you need a copy, you can get it here.

Private Messages 1.1



  • @dyohn: it's in the unofficial release referenced here ->

    Note: there is an error on line 748 of default.php. You will need to change that line from:
    header('location:'.GetUrl($this->Context->Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View='.ForceIncomingString('ViewBack')));To:
    header('location:'.GetUrl($Context->Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View='.ForceIncomingString('ViewBack')));
  • THANKS! That worked like a champ with your correction and now my members can clean up their inbox. I am very happy!
  • This extension really, really, really needs to be updated. Jazzman, do you have time to look through these updates to the code? Barring that, should this be forked and uploaded as a competing Add-on?
  • That PrivateMessages3 is working like a charm for me... thanks.
  • If someone puts together a working update of this extension and posts it for the attention of the addon admins, I'm sure they wouldn't mind updating this extension ;)
  • Here is the default.php file of "version 2.0" with the delete function, including schultz' mod to line 748 per the above instructions:

    A table called LUM_UserDiscussionHide with two values as previously discussed in this thread will still need to be created in the target database.
  • dyohn, try changing the extension on that file form .php to .phps and it may be of use to others. Right now it's getting parsed by PHP which doesn't help much.
  • Where can I get PrivateMessages3 (which is working like a charm).
  • Great Extension I think!

    Works fine, but what can I do, if my Forum has about 150 Members and I want all of them to activate the eMail-Notification, secondary I want all New Members automaticly been notified. Is it possible to do something like:

    PrivateMessageNotification = "Auto-All" :-)

    Best regards,

  • You could get the global preferences extension and use that i think.
  • Didnt work, I installed that extension but saw no links to configure. By the way.. I dont know the Variable which must be set to "1" or "on". So the question still is, if somebody has more experience with that idea.
  • this seem to fine fine apart from the fact no one can whipser mid thread anymore
  • Does anyone have insights for making Private Messages work with Nuggets?

    I have both installed and, when I click into the "Inbox" tab provided by Private Messages, none of the baked nuggets in any of the various nugget panels appear.

    I have tried implementing MySchizoBuddy's fix Described here and messing with the order of extensions in the conf/extensions.php file, but neither tactic changes the problem.

    I would love to use Private Messages because it seems cool, but Nuggets is more important to me. Is there a way to make them work together?
  • can we have both the whisper system and the pm system
    if we could
    that would be soo awesome
  • MySchizoBuddy whispered to me what I've done wrong, but I'll repeat it here just in case it helps any other wayward souls.

    If you've added Private Messages AFTER you set up some site Nuggets, you'll have to go back into Nuggets admin and enable the "Inbox" page for each of those nuggets.

    I suppose this would be true of installing an extension that adds Pages to the tabs. Go back into nuggets and make sure your nuggets are enable for the new tab.
  • edited December 2007

    a periodic ajax refresh would be great and it would turn pm'ing into a realtime messenger feature (if enabled).
    periodic, to save bandwith

    i've found some periodic-ajax-refresh tutorial with copy&paste-ready code examples here.
    i think this would be a great "interactive" feature for vanilla.

    anyone ready to do this?
  • So... any word when these changes are going to be rolled into the official version? Or fork the development tree and upload it to the extensions?
  • edited February 2008
    btw was this mentioned before? ..

    to turn the ugly h1 link into a panel item (send message text link) just replace ...

    $Panel->AddString('<h1><a href="'.GetUrl($Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=SendMessage').'">'.$Context->GetDefinition('SendPrivateMessage').'</a></h1>');


    $Panel->AddListItem($Title, $Context->GetDefinition('SendPrivateMessage'), GetUrl($Configuration, 'extension.php', '', '', '', '', 'PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=SendMessage'));

    in PrivateMessages/default.php
  • Love the messaging system! My forum is in Japanese so I want to change on the tab where it says "Inbox" into Japanese. Since private messages is an add-on, you can not change the language in the conf/language.php right? How would I go about changing it in the add-on without mucking up the way it works?
  • it is probably towards the top of the default.php for PrivateMessages
  • What is towards the top?
  • could livediscussions be altered so that it updates the private messages pages as well as the discussion listing and comments?
  • Did anybody tested Private Messages from bschultz with the PageManagement Extension, cause at my forum it doesn't shows the number of new messages on the tab anymore, with this extension enabled.
  • Has anyone found that this thread breaks the vanilla extension manager (It may have been another change I made to get notify to work).
  • Hello, is there a way to notify users of a new pm while they are on the board? Like maybe a flashing "Private Messages" or Private Messages changes "Private Messages - New"?

  • Also one other thing, on our forum users cant delete their PM's how can users be alowed to delete PM's?

    Thanks again
  • i wondered about changing the css of the (1 New Message) alert so that users would be more likely to notice. i haven't tried this, though.

    deleting PMs should already work if you have installed all the updates in this thread.
  • edited April 2008
    Hey guys, new to this all so please bear with me... After some struggles, I got PrivateMessage3 working on my forum. However, I just realized a minor issue. When a user hits "delete" on one of their messages in their inbox, they receive the following error:

    Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/juniore/public_html/forum/extensions/PrivateMessages/default.php on line 748

    However, when the user goes back to the forum...voila! that message has been deleted. So it's doing it's job, but breaking as well. Can anyonr shed some light on a fix? Thanks in advance!

    Nevermind... I see the fix right at the top of this page! Doh!
  • edited May 2008
    OH, one last thing I forgot to ask... When users create a new discussion, it pulls that discussion into their "Sent Mail" section of the Private Messages...? Seems to be that discussions and private messages are getting their paths crossed a bit here. A user can delete the unwanted, and not really sent mail, discussion from their "sent mail" PM section, and it remains in the discussion list, but this seems like an unwanted behavior.

    Anyone have any insights to resovling this?

    If I'd have read the beginning of the thread, I'd have seen the note about creating a separate category...which eliminates this issue.
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