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Attachments 2.1



  • I just tried to install Attachemnts 2.0 and added my upload path to default.php and changed the file permissions to write. However, I am still reciving this message. Some problems were encountered An error occured while creating a new attachment folder. Check your upload path permissions I have tired various file permission settings 777, 755 etc.. but it still does not work can someone please let me know the correct permission settings.
  • Attachments 2 creates it's own subfolders in your upload path. If you can't create new folders, you can change the upload path setting from the settings tab:
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    I still can't seem to get this extension to work. I am getting a safe mode restriction warnning. Are there any confilcts with other extensions and/or can you give me quick step by step instructions? Do you need to edit lines in the default.php file?
  • No, you only need to edit the default.php if you want to change allowed filetypes. And there are no step by step instructions... It should work out of the box. Dunno about the safe mode restriction warnings though.. What messages are you getting? Maybe you can provide a link to your forum?
  • Thanks for the string, but I cannot imagine that everyone is understanding this, so I'll be the sacrificial calf... I'm also having the "Trying to get property of non-object in" errors. Am I to understand from above that it's because the filetypes are unknown? You talked about fyle types: 'application/octet-stream' => array('rar', 'RAR', 'doc', 'DOC', 'ods', 'ODS', 'odt', 'ODT', 'ttf', 'TTF') Is there a list yet of ALL fyle types, or at-least popular ones? I think we can all figure-out the array portion, but I'm clueless what to use on the application portion. It might be the only ones missing are common audio/video types. All I need are MP3 and WAV for now, but if anyone has this already built, we would greatly appreciate it! I pulled these from my copy of SoundForge: MainConcept MPEG-1: mpg, mpeg, mmv MainConcept MPEG-2: mpg, mpeg, m2t MP3 Audio: mp3 NeXT/Sun (Java): au, snd OggVorbis: ogg Quick Time: mov, qt, dv Sony Perfect Clarity Audio: pca Video for Windows: avi Wave (Microsoft): wav Windows Media Audio: wma Windows Media Video: wmv MP4?
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    {crickets} if this is buried because it's been answered a kajillion times, then can someone please point me where to go? Thanks
  • Ditto the interest in mp3 support. Also, I can't seem to get this up and running. I've installed and enabled, attached an item (word doc) but the file doesn't appear. Attachments table has been created, as has the path, but no upload... Help, anyone?
  • You sure you got the file permissions on the upload path OK?
  • Also,
  • Hey Minisweeper - I set file permissions to the destination folder as 777...

    @Stash - that's good to know. Only problem is uploads don't seem to be working for me at all? I tried with a .doc (that should work out of the box, right?) - no error message, no file in upload path, no entry in database...

    I bet it's something simple. (Or rather, I hope it's something simple... ;)
  • I installed Attachments 1.4.1 and it seemed to be working ok. That said, I installed Attachments 2.1 and two different things happen. 1) If I disable 1.4.1, and enable 2.1, I cannot upload any attachments, nor does the Attachment Settings option appear in the Settings screen. 2) If I leave 1.4.1 enabled in addition to enabling 2.1, when I try to create a new post, I receive the following message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class attachmentmanager in /xxxxxxxx/showcaseforum/extensions/Attachments2/default.php on line 192 Any thoughts as to what I have done to create this issue? PS.. All still works well if I turn off 2.1 and enable 1.4.1. My reason for upgrading is that I would like to be able to use the Multiple Attachments addon as well as Inline Images.
  • p.s. anybody got any suggestions for my "it's not working at all" situation? Pretty please?
  • Cite: If I leave 1.4.1 enabled in addition to enabling 2.1

    Having both active seems a bad idea! :-( Just don't do that!

    Cite: 1) If I disable 1.4.1, and enable 2.1, I cannot upload any attachments, nor does the Attachment Settings option appear in the Settings screen.

    I would remove the 1.4.1 complet, delete it ...
  • Cite: I would remove the 1.4.1 complet, delete it ... If I remove, 1.4.1 and leave 2.1 installed and enabled. I have zero attachment functionality. I.E. no Attachment Settings option on the settings screen, and no ability to create an attachment when posting.
  • When I tried to activate Attachments 2.1 it said "Could not create table" despite the fact when I checked the DB it had created it.
  • how safe is this extension, given that it requires an upload folder to be chodded 777 and you must disable safe_mode for it to work?
  • If you create the upload folder outside the web root, it's safe :) Also, you don't have to chmod 777 the upload folder. But PHP should be able to write files and subfolder to that directory.
  • Although I don't have the directory outside the web root (didn't think to try that) I have mine set to the default (on my server) CHMOD 755 and it works just fine.
  • hmmn... then i shall do that! thanks :)
  • Chris: safe_mode actually is not safe! The problem is that safe_mode is a temporary fix for a server that has an insecure configuration so they can fix the problem and still continue production. The real protection is in the server configuration. Some hosts, by the way, run PHP as a different user and in a different group than your FTP account and 777 is the only way to go in this situation. You can also use .htaccess to deny access to that folder from the web.
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