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What image software do you use for web design?

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I normally use Fireworks and find it to be pretty good, but people mock it in such a way that I've decided it's time to expand my knowledge a little and learn something else. The way I see it, there are two main alternatives; Photoshop and GIMP.

Now, I've played around with both, and whilst Photoshop does indeed seem a lot better than GIMP for doing website design, I'm still not really getting on very well with it at all, at present I'm tempted to stick with Fireworks even though I know I really shouldn't, I mean, do they even make Fireworks any more?

fwiw, I'm a sucker for web 2.0 stuff, so I'm looking at creating that whole clean-yet-modern-and-shiny look ;o


  • I used to be a Fireworks guy. Photoshop seemed so awkward in comparison but after perseveringly I think Photoshop is more powerful. If you're serious about design there's a good chance you'll need to use Illustrator and InDesign at some stage, so knowing Adobe software well is an advantage. Since getting used to Photoshop I've never touched Fireworks again. It depends what you need to do.. if you're a Fireworks expert and can do great graphics there is not an urgent rush to change.

    When I tried GIMP it seemed very basic. Don't think it can be considered a serious app, at least not yet. There is a GIMPshop variant intended to look like Photoshop that could be better. I'm all for open source software but it doesn't cut it in a professional environment.
  • I'm using Paintshop Pro, which I'm using since version 1.0 or something :P But I stopped at version 9, as Corel took over the software and made it too big for easy use.
  • I've always preferred Fireworks vs. CS2 just due to sheer simplicity. Agree that CS2 &3 are more robust, but there is a steep learning curve. I can get the results I need in FIreworks in half the time it'd take me to do the same thing in CS2.
  • fireworks is what I use (bought it years ago, still use it weekly.)

    I downloaded GimpSHOP for my pc. Still trying to figure that out.

  • It's cool to see that I'm not the only one on here using Fireworks! :-)

    Can anyone recommend any 'modern' tutorials for Fireworks please? I feel I'm kinda confident in using it, but a little more guidance wouldn't go amiss! Cheers.
  • Fireworks is good. I seem to flit between that and Photoshop. It depends what I'm doing.
  • Never took to Fireworks, Photoshop and ImageReady do it for me.

    Posted: Thursday, 1 February 2007 at 7:57PM (AEDT)

  • As I managed to teach myself the basics of Photoshop 4/5 over one summer while I was at school, I just didn't see the point of learning another app that had a more limited set of functionality. Also, as I use the whole of CS2 as a daily basis in my job for both print and web, there is little point forcing myself to learn another app. I can understand people being put off by PSs steep learning curve, as before I gave it some proper time mucking around in it I couldn't stand the thing - give me PaintShopPro any day! But I would also say, that if you can afford to put in the time the reward is well worth the effort. A cheap way to start getting used to *some* of the ways PS does things is through Photoshop Elements.

    Image ready always felt pretty weak to me to be honest, kinda like a *slightly* pumped up "Save for Web" that PS has. I wonder if Image Ready or Fireworks will go the way of the dodo shortly anyway, much like GoLive...
  • CS2 (company) Gimp is just that: Gimpy... poor rip-off, even WInGimp or PhotoGimp or whatever it's called truly sucks. FWIW, I once started with Aldus PhotoStyler (89?), which was bought and then became PhotoShop, used PSPro for a while too, when I had no money. Imageready bites (except to rounded corner selections and animations), fireworks also (but less). I once loved GoLive. For a long time the best thing around (until DW4 came along)... Adobe killed it.
  • I use Fireworks and am very pleased with it. But after accidently opening up ImageReady CS2 (have had it installed, but never played with it), I was considering making the switch, just because I already use InDesign and GoLive. Plus, it looked very similar to it. My work load is to hefty right now, so I'm going to stick with Fireworks, just because I know it. But, I'd consider moving over to ImageReady if it was easier to work with and tlked more clearly to GoLive.
  • Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ... it think its the best
  • Photoshop and Imageready tied in with EditPad Lite (which is basically Notepad with Tabs) do everything I need for web design.
  • photoshop, duh
  • I find Fireworks easier to make 'shiny' stuff than Photoshop. It's got all the effects and patterns you need built right in, whilst in Photoshop they take longer to put together. Go with what you like!
  • hmm so one here is using Its free
  • I use photoshop CS3 it really does purr along on the new intel mac's. I would imagine that fireworks will soon stop being updated and at some point stopped being used altogether as adobe now own it.
  • Photoshop CS & Imageready for most things, but for 3D objects and text I used Cinema4D and export the pictures as targa files with alpha to remove the background to use in photoshop.
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    Scott Double U its the other way around. Imageready is getting the boot. Fireworks will replace it. there is already an internal beta of fireworks being tested. Photoshop isn't for web thats why Adobe created Imageready to directly compete with Fireworks. which it couldn't
  • still state of the art : photoshop. (for images)
  • imageready couldnt comepete with fireworks, so rather than make it better, buy macromedia. Easy as pie.
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