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integrated gallery

edited November 2008 in Vanilla 1.0 Help
is anyone able to tell me an (easy) way how to build a gallery extension with the page manager extension and the filebrowser?

just a simple upload & display - plug and play solution.

thanks vanillians.


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    yes i saw that , but i thought more of a fullscreen popup out of vanilla , and not really a rederection to the filebrowser .

    so far as i understand the filebrowser extension... it just redirects you to the filebrowser after you click a thumb.

    correct me if im wrong.

    i was just looking for a way to have a _real_ integration.

    seems like i have to solve this with an iframe solution or such to embed filebrowser directly
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    i have a half completed extension but i dont know when i'll have the time to complete it :(
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    is your extension based on the fileupload extension?
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    no, my extension is basically getting the whole filebrowser program an throwing it into vanilla.
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    really nice ... good luck i hope youre getting it, would be def. cool.
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    Fery, you can get a reasonable (but basic) gallery by using the attachment extensions and the JQThickBox extension. With those you can achieve inline thumbnails which popup in a pretty way, that have captions, you can click "next" to get to the next picture... I know it's not exactly ideal, but perhaps it will work until there is something more robust in place?
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    i need only an easy way to display and to upload images on the fly, very simple. just uploading tadaaa ... displayed,
    no html editing... nothing.

    can i do something like that with your solution?

    would be also great
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    edited February 2007
    Yes, although you will want to ensure you have all of these extensions:
    Attachments 2
    Inline Images
    Multi File Upload

    You must ensure that you enable JQuery before JQThickBox, or you may have issues.

    Also, you will probably want to do a one time edit on the Multi File Upload extension to change the max allowed simultaneous uploads ;)

    For the InlineImages extension, you can change the settings in Vanilla > Settings (look on the side panel once it's enabled). I've found that a setting of 125px is a nice size for thumbnails.
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    ah okay thanks mang, i try to figure it out.

    is it in usage on your website(s)?
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    Just please bear in mind it's a test forum and I test stuff, so things can and do break every now and then. Nothing strange going on at the moment though, so it should all be working fine :)
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    Let's say that I wanted to put image references into a discussion or comment manually, what would be the syntax to reference thickbox? Is it rel="thickbox"?
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    looks promising stash, thanks for the link mang.

    ok.. so i only hafta enable all those extensions (mentioned above) and then only a style rel. to the header right?
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    You don't have to do anything other than enable those extensions and configure InlineImages to use thickbox. No other editing required.
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    ah ok , ill try

    thanks so far
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    If it does what you want, be sure to post us a URL so we can go and look :)
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    just a quick comment.... can you open up filebrowser for designated roles in vanilla? I'm interested in starting a photography forum and am looking for a way to efficiently handle images to allow for voting, criticism, etc.
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    well, i'm three quarters at completing the back end for the filebrowser integration

    i haven't spent much time on doing the design as you can see, but the whole program will be put into Vanilla once it's done

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    Vincent, looks very interesting! Can you speak more on the integration? Will users be able to upload images or just view them?
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