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View of americans



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    NickENickE New
    edited February 2007
    lol, crash: rubble != ruble
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    Like the rest of the world doesnt sit in bars drinking beer? It's the vodka for breakfast you need to watch out for...!
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    @crashD hey, Google isn't owned by a Russian. It's owned by its stockholders.
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    4. who is the father of electric resitance (meaning, after whom the unit measure is named)?

    i thought it was name after the Greek letter omega (your talking ohms right?)
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    The guy who discovered it had the surname Ohm (I believe) - the greek letter omega is just the symbol used to depict it as omega is capital 'o' (the first letter in his name)
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    ohh ok thats interesting, and i am glad someone knew that ad explained it instead of googling and linking me to a wikipedia page.
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    I believe the two people who started Google are actually Americans as well. If my memory serves me correctly they live in California.
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    Well, Sergei Brin is Russian (or was at least born in Russia, he might have become an american by now).
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited February 2007
    @Crash_D, it's one thing to claim to have knowledge about something. But, it's quite another to be factually correct.

    For instance, to claim that the Americans never won a battle during the Revolutionary War is completely, and without a doubt, false. While the British certainly did win a significant number of battles during the war, the Americans were victorious over the British in the following battles:

    Battle of Great Bridge - Patriot victory

    Battle of Nassau - Revolutionary victory
    Battle of the Rice Boats - Patriot victory

    Second Battle of Trenton - Pyrrhic American Victory (Pyrrhic = with devastating cost to the victor)
    Battle of Princeton - Tactical American Victory
    Battle of Hubbardton - American tactical victory
    Battle of Bennington - Decisive American victory
    Battle of Red Bank - American victory
    Battle of Bemis Heights - American victory
    Battle of Saratoga- Decisive American victory
    Second Battle of Gloucester - Patriot victory

    Battle of Vincennes - American victory
    Battle of Stony Point - American victory
    Battle of Paulus Hook - American victory
    Battle of Newtown - American victory

    Battle of Springfield - American victory

    Battle of Cowpens - Decisive American victory
    Siege of Yorktown - Decisive Franco-American victory and unofficial end of the American Revolutionary War

    Your gross misrepresentation of history leads me to suspect the accuracy of most of what you wrote.
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    we need to start dumping crates of coffee into London harbour.
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    wow... easy guys... you're attacking me... stop it plz... its now not about the 'view of americans', but about 'shut up who say what they think'.. forgive me plz if i said something offensive...

    ok.. .as for the rubble, its due to lack of vocabulary... my fault, sorry.. lol... (blush)... as for google, sure its owned by stockholders (common like in, but im sure Brin (originally from russia somewhere [i could check the wiki article and state his origin, age, etc, but it would not be fair]) owns the greatest share.. i haven't checked the latest news about what percentage of shares he owns, but im sure its the largest pack... so in a way, he owns google, in terms of major decision making etc etc.... what else.. yes, its measured in Ohms... after a german [First Name] Ohm.... and vodka in the morning is the same as "all germans are nazis and all chinese ppl are ninjas".. however, there is a certain proletarian class that drinks vodka in the morning, and at night, and always,,, you could see lines in 7 in the morning.. so freaking...

    and now for the battles... dan39, i thought we were chatting without any reference to sources here.. did you know it all yourself? or did you purpusefully delve into the independence war to check if i was right? in any case, i appreciate your contribution to the discussion. .

    ok,, let's start... im being honest here, i had to refer to my professor's notes.. i was wrong.. do you hear me? I WAS WRONG!! in the "not a single one" thing... and i apolgize for this,, i must have either misinterpreted him, or thought of the independence war, while in fact we were talking about some period of it during the lectures... anyway, the point is that in most cases, it were not Americans who won the war, but it were the British that lost! But i was wrong, i accept...

    but dan39, if you actually read attentively all these articles, you will notice that not all of them were victorious,,, if the British left north and Americans crossed some important point, is that vistory? or if there were 40 Americans killed and 4 British, is this a victory? Again, i said i was wrong. I am a human, and people make mistakes. so guys don't be too hard on me with this...

    and the last thing.. I am an analytic and sceptic by nature, and i try to think about what i do and what i think about.. and i thought about waht i wrote in here.. thought about it from an objective standpoint, as objective as i could... and this is what i found in the basement of my consiousness as a motivator and impetus for all this "we know so much" stuff.. ok,,, this isn't easy for me to express now, but i am now taking a friendly stance, rather than defensive, and being honest with you, couse in teh end this is Mark's community, with "very friendly" people.. ok.. i live in a worse world than most of you guys, and i think that i subcouncously justify the people, and myself, and compensate this poorer world with this erudition, sort of.. yes, it is an element of our culture to strive to know more, as simple as it is, the more the better... however we still live with those miserible miners, corrupt politicians, and unfriendly salespeople.. this is a problem of the entire nation.. and i was just trying to add some positiveness to it.. but please, understand me guys, i count on your understanding... i am being honest with you, and i count on your understanding.. so i guess this discussion gradually transferred from 'view of americas' to 'ukraine is not so bad' in a way... lol...

    p.s. i think i will regret i wrote these final sincere thouthts..
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    dan39dan39 New
    edited February 2007
    Here in America, we have a lot of well known individuals in the media who make a living of sounding intelligent by saying things without any proof or evidence to support their statements. Most of their statements are actually false, and a significant amount of our population believes the statements as if they were fact. A good deal of poor policy has resulted from — and been supported by — individuals who make a habit of saying such things. And then, on the world stage, everyone wonders in disbelief why America makes the choices that it does. I mean no disrespect, but personally, I don't find the ability to memorize and spout facts incorrectly — and without reference — as a measure of intelligence. I find it to be the very definition of foolishness.
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    edited February 2007
    totally agree... it is useful to read Emerson's Self-reliance to protect yourself from such misguidence
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    edited February 2007
    Wow - a passionate crowd here.

    I'm an Aussie living in California. Aussies in general think americans are loud, stupid and up themselves, but at the same time, treat them individually with a lot of warmth. Kinda weird. When Aussies come to the US, they are amazed how "normal" people here are, especially so in California (not so much in Texas :). The general perception is wrong.

    These are all my opinions of course : America does have culture. Unfortunately, it's "get off my land before I shoot you" :) .. but also balanced well by pacifism. Yes, the education system here absolutely sucks, as well as healthcare, and the political system. What makes America great also makes it really bad - everything is driven by money, and I mean everything. Some things (like the ones just mentioned) should not.

    Here's the truth of the matter : America has its quirks like every other community of people around the world, it's just in the spotlight because it is the most powerful. And the quirk that everyone criticises about America is the same quirk that everyone suffers from : we are all ignorant of each other.

    It's easy to criticize world affairs, but don't forget not long ago that over 60 million people died in WWII, and that was right after WWI (you'd think people would learn huh?). Allowing few people control over millions has been a real threat in the past. The US tried its best to stay out of those conflicts. We can't really know what people felt during those times and shortly after them. But, like the people before them, those people have carved the path that is today. It's very complex.
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    I agree with you completely. There are some rather passionate / opinionated people here, but that is what makes this forum so fun :). I also agree with you on the other parts as well.
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    One of the biggest criticisms I have of Americans is their general ignorance of world affairs, heck even world geography.

    It seems ironic that the US Government is renowned for "sticking its nose into world affairs" but the everyday American has no idea where Iraq is (OK maybe that's a little exaggerated but you get the drift).

    When in the US I found the people warm and accepting of us (tourists) and even keen to know more about our country and culture, so maybe it's the curriculum in their schools that's at fault. Too inward looking perhaps?

    Posted: Friday, 16 February 2007 at 9:09AM (AEDT)

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    edited February 2007
    @ Wanderer - hey mate - a fellow aussie. :D

    I felt the same when I first came to the US. I actually gave it to someone early on about that subject, which I regret now that I'm a little wiser (which isn't saying much). What I realised is this. Everybody knows about the US - how can they not? US is all over the television and movies and now internet. The thing is - it's not that Americans are ignorant of others ... it's that people foreign to America know SO much about America.

    Let's say a guy from a small African country comes to Australia .. wouldn't he get the same feeling? He would scoff at Aussie's lack of knowledge about the entire African continent .. not just his dinky country. Our school system didn't teach us much about Africa. I think you'll find ignorance all over the world. Doesn't matter where you go. You can't really blame people - our day to day lives are not centered on the world. But one thing that seems universal, is that people don't know they're ignorant and have strong opinions.

    The Aussie government sticks its nose in foreign affairs too. Like East Timor - how many young Aussies knew anything about East Timor before (really?). I'm sure the government was not ignorant. It's the same here. The government is not ignorant about world affairs, but the average Joe is clueless on the subject.
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    Fair point sukibabee but I still think Aussies know more about the US than they know about us, maybe because, as you say, they are all over the media and as such we get more of their culture, geography etc. in our face than they get of ours.

    Posted: Friday, 16 February 2007 at 9:57AM (AEDT)

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    yeah - it's not fair ey? good for us though! :D
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    well i was invited on a people to people trip a couple years ago to goto austraila but it cost $4000 and i couldn't afford that!
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