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    People in USA (let's call them 'Americans', eh? :-D ) are different from their government and representatives, it's hard to see the difference when medias around the world talk for hours about Bush and hardly anything else ... Cliché? OK: - rich, fat, SUV, lawyers, baseball+football+NBA, enormous fridges opened for hours, couch and TV. Inches, feet and mph. NRA, abortion and death sentences. Scrooge McDuck, Homer Simpson and Superbowl. - best research in the world, Nobel prizes every year, very high ranking of many universities but pretty bad educational system overall. Well, of course it's far from being the worst in the world but it's quite a shame when you consider this is the most powerful country. Could be and should be far better. Same for healthcare. - freedom fries, the internet is made of tubes, WMD and al qaeda were in Irak for centuries, Fox News, creationism, religious zealots, constant need for an enemy,real or not. What i fear most from USA: San Andreas fault and the Big One! Half of the software companies in the world hit by such an earthquake: definitely not cool for USA and the rest of the world ...
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    Quote: Felipe
    picWhat i fear most from USA: San Andreas fault and the Big One! Half of the software companies in the world hit by such an earthquake: definitely not cool for USA and the rest of the world ...pic
    I never thought of that aspect, how will I get to sleep at night now? pic

    Posted: Friday, 16 February 2007 at 11:24AM (AEDT)

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    HEY! that's where I live! shocked!
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    wow that would be so bad for the internety, man what would i do, i could live. and oh yea that sux for you sukibabee
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    > Wanderer said: > It seems ironic that the US Government is renowned for "sticking its nose > into world affairs" but the everyday American has no idea where Iraq is I have always reckoned that Dubya Bush would definitely be unable to pinpoint Iraq on a map of the world.
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    outbreakoutbreak New
    edited February 2007
    i would just like to point out that americans are very different all throughout this country. it's a big place and things are vastly different as you go from area to area and state to state.
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    Yup, very true, we are seriously guilty of generalising.

    Posted: Saturday, 17 February 2007 at 8:28AM (AEDT)

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    hey guys.. any progress here with this totally awesome topic? :D

    who wins? mac or pc? uhm...*cough* wrong thread
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    haha its hard to tell the difference in the endless debates, tho this thread hasn't gotten to the point of total crap yet. But when wanderer utters the words "US mentality" i will have to ask for a sink......
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    this post is for dan39.. i have contacted my professor of american history, here is what he wrote:
    1) The posting of "dan39" listing the battles of the American Revolutionary war is rather selective. For example, the Americans were defeated in the south a lot in 1778 - 1780. They lost the battle of Savannah Georgia in December 1778, and the battle Charleston South Carolina in late winter 1780. The last battle led to the largest surrender of American soldiers, over 5,000, at one time, and led the British controlling much of the south for a year or two. So this guy is very deceptive in his arguments.

    However, I must say that when a new general Nathaniel Green, replaces Horatio Gates as the general in the south, the American forces won two big battles in the south, at Kings Mountain in October 1780 and at Cowpens in January 1781, (a few months before the big surrender or Cornwallis' forces at Yorktown, Virginia). These American battle victories are primarily why Cornwallis made the disastrous decision to lock himself up at Yorktown, waiting for reinforcements, which came a few days too late.

    2) You are correct that the British won more battles than the Americans. However that is also completely irrelevant. The British had the huge expense of supported tens of thousands of troops across the ocean, fighting in a land that every year wanted them there less and less. George Washington's strategy was not to win the war, but simply to not lose the war. By doing so he knew they would force the British to quit eventually as the public in Britain became more and more tired of a war far away. Sounds like a strategy that fighters in a certain Middle East country is using against the USA forces today. Too bad that the current American administration didn't bother to learn their own history.
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