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Smile: The new feature-rich Smiley-Extension

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Hi folks,

I uploaded a new Smiley-Extension named Smile just now. It is a feature-rich Smiley-Extension which is beta-tested and should work without any problems out of the Box.

Get it here: download

Would be nice to get some Feedback and Bug-Reports, if there are some :)

Have fun with a Smile :)


  • sounds cool, does it offer smiles at mouse point?
  • > sounds cool, does it offer smiles at mouse point? Hrm? What is a smiley at mouse point? When I say it is rich in features then this mean that there are some nice features like the cache-system for a faster loading or the support for multi smiley-sets and the very easy configuration file, so your moderators which have never seen a linux-console can update the smileys too. This are cool features ;)
  • y2kbg is asking if the smilies get inserted at the caret location, rather than at the end of the text in the comment box.
  • Had a little look at this and I personally don't like where the actual smilies are put. Why can't they be in a subdirectory of /extensions/Smile/? For instance, /extensions/Smile/tango/?
  • I can confirm that the smilies get placed where the caret is however, so that's one big tick for this extension :)
  • Seems the smiley aliases still get replaced even when they are inside a code tag. Any chance of aliases not being parsed inside of code tags? That would put this extension WAY up my list of favourites :)
  • What am I missing all i get is [Emoticon not found] What should the file structure be, where should these two separate folders be placed??
  • i agree they should be put in the extenison directory instead of root/images/. also i thinhk you should make a build like vanillicons because i have about 500 in about 30 folders... teens, they kept asking for more smileys
  • This extension has potential but it's way too confusing to install.

    Why is it supplied with so many folders within folders?

    The read-me is also too complex, they are smilies after all, such a trivial thing should be simple to use and install.

    I'm sticking with Vanillacons for the present.
    Please re-structure (simplify) the folders and summarise/clarify the read-me? pic

    Posted: Friday, 16 February 2007 at 8:52AM (AEDT)

  • Great extension! Good work!

    But I agree with the comments above, the installation should be simplified.
  • Oh thanks all for the feedback @[-Stash-] hehe ok, thanks for the clarify answer :o) I really thought the question was, if the smileys get inserted at the mouse pointer, with javascript .. this was lil irritate to me The location of the emoticons is a good point. I Will change this with the next release. Last but not least, the restriction, that smileys dont get parsed inside code- quote- and other special-divs. I will handle this with the xml-functions of php. Will be added in the next release too.
  • cool, glad to know you will continue to update! (as people are waiting for friends 2.0 but i got sidetracked to the point where i dont need to finishe it for my self , ohh man i feel bad, sorry for the rant.....)
  • defel, thanks for the response and for letting us know what we can expect in the update. With those changes I'll be happy to include it on a live site.

    I do have one more suggestion however. I haven't tried using multiple emoticon sets yet, but one feature which I always liked in another forum I'm a part of (using IPB 2.something) was that the admin could specify which emoticons showed up by default (maybe some way of indicating these in the .txt files?), and then there was a "more..." link which popped up a window (although we could use a ThickBox :) ) with a scrollable list of ALL available smilies.

    Perhaps this could come in the version after? Then I think you basically have the definitive smiley extension :)
  • I replaced your emoticons with the IPB1 emoticons, since my vanilla forum is a conversion from a 5 year old ipb forum which has a lot of 'old' smilies in the comments...


    BTW: the extension works great in Safari!
  • Ares, any chance of packaging up that set along with the aliases .txt for everyone else to use? I'll host if you don't have the b/w to host it yourself. If you were to call it something like IPBStandard then people will know to use it if they've converted from IPB :)
  • You can download the IPB 1.3 emoticons + tango.txt package here. All IPB 1.3 emoticons are included, seven more than I used on my forum, mainly because it was getting too crowdy and I like the consistent yellow look. If you want them all, just add the emoticons in tango.txt
  • edited February 2007
    Nice, 100 Downloads :) I updated to 0.6 just now. - no more parsing within code-Tags, works not nice with recursive code-tags, but who the hell use recursive code-tags? - easier installation (just unpack). - fixed one bug when replacing the emoticons When you update, you may change the line 66, this class-variable indicates where the the emoticon-images can be found. have fun btw: remove the cache_* files after update
  • edited February 2007
    Not working for me, complains about not being able to write cache files in cache_tango folder (or tango_cache folder?).

    There wasn't one in the install so I created a cache_tango folder with full permissions, it still complained.

    I set the entire Smile folder to 777 and it still complained.
    Gone back to Vanillacons! pic

    Posted: Monday, 19 February 2007 at 11:41AM (AEDT)

  • The file tango_cache is generated when the extension loads the first time. It is a Textfile, no folder. Please check if the directory extensions/Smile is writeable by the webserver. But I see the problem, that this folder is not always writeable on every setup .. I will add an flag to set the tmp-dir in the next version, per default to /tmp or something else ..
  • edited February 2007
    I think the writeable folder would be best kept inside the smile folder?
    Just put a clear note in the read-me to set the correct permissions on it.

    Posted: Monday, 19 February 2007 at 7:52PM (AEDT)

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