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stupid fun. just paste

Hi... this thread is about honesty.. simply paste whatever you have there in the clipboard here as a comment. I hope it will be fun.. even if you don't want, paste plz.. right now, without checking what is there...

shall we start?:::

don't look at me like that


  • This goes into my RSS feeds... I'd much appreciated if the latest fads weren't in there.
    That said, if I'm the lone one, have fun.
  • Never argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level then beat you with experience.

    Posted: Wednesday, 21 February 2007 at 10:52AM (AEDT)

  • #r1 { color: #fff; font-size: 30px; }
    Naughty, eh?
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  • NOPARADISE10 (10:14:19 PM): asssss
    y2kbug abc (10:14:54 PM): waht? y are you mad at me?
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:08 PM): cuz u told him u could
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:10 PM): u ass
    y2kbug abc (10:15:37 PM): i will i have to get it from someone
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:44 PM): no u wont cuz u lie
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:45 PM): lie
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:46 PM): lie
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:48 PM): BEAVER
    NOPARADISE10 (10:15:49 PM): BEAVER

    damn alot of honesty there to do i was hoping i had pasted some code...really surprised, i copied that this morning...
  • smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
    check_sender_access hash:/usr/local/etc/postfix/sender_access
    # check_recipient_access hash:/usr/local/etc/postfix/recipient_access

    This could get interesting...
  • Evidemment, c'est ce qu'a démontré Duchamp il y a presque un siècle. Mais il y a une différence entre pondre une merde et se dire artiste et pondre une oeuvre qui vivra de manière autonome sans que tu aies besoin de t'agiter derrière, voire sans prendre du tout en compte le fait que tu t'agites derrière.

    Maintenant, si tu enlèves le budget marketing d'un jeu vidéo actuel, qui ne se classe pas dans les indie games (bien que cette étiquette soit en elle-même une forme de marketing), si tu enlèves les noms de gros studios qui ont bossé desssus et les addons qui permettront de continuer à faire du fric avec, que reste-t-il ?
  • i told you it would be fun, guys. I also thought i had some code in there, when I pasted mine. Here is the second try.

    вась, забыл спросить! утром
  • ~14GB various RAR and 7z files, which luckily didn't paste in here ;)
  • I finally have something to paste - a funny video link.
  • left: 36.5em;

    @Ø: Ta première phrase collée résume assez bien mon opinion sur l'art conceptuel, même si ce n'est pas le propos.
    @crash_D.: что ты забыл спросить?
  • TomTesterTomTester New
    edited February 2007

    (been researching openID in light of recent developments, AOL, Digg, etc.)
  • y2kbgy2kbg New
    edited February 2007

    lol a worm i was working works i have a ajax self replicating version but this was a simple test

    edit: oops i forgot to take away html rendering.
  • Medium.S03E07.HDTV.XviD-NoTV.avi

    @Max_B: J'ai fait une école d'art plutôt conceptuelle et maintenant je fais des jeux vidéo... Ce que j'ai collé plus haut représente en fait très bien mes réflexions de tous les jours.
  • @Max_B: Ñ‚Ñ‹ говоришь по-русски?

    here is another one:

    Киевская студия веб-дизайна

    p.s. was checking ranking in google
  • @crash_D.: чутъ-чутъ
  • This is really cool (nope, not from my clipboard). I bet tracking someone's clipboard all day
    can tell you a lot about that person. Of course Google will come up with a new tool to do
    just that... 'Google Clippy' (and for this service they'll paste is an advert instead no more
    than twice a day)
  • lsh505:~$ mv * .html www/

    Iv'e pasted that because I just ran it and ummm, it was not such a hot idea !
  • My hit was perfect and it went soaring straight onto the pitchers solid glasses, smashing them to thousands of slithers and continuing to knock Reuven in slow motion to the hard concrete.

    hehe, that's my english assignment for ya :P
  • [quote]0 years old
    I was born a boy in a village in Burkina Faso's Houet Province, not far from the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

    My parents have named me Idogbe. My surname is Kwetey. My mother, Abena, is 17 and my father, Oluyemi, is 21. I have no brothers or sisters.

    My mother has graduated from secondary school.

    1 year old
    Growth stunted from inadequate protein.

    A famine or food shortage has hit Burkina Faso. 3 263 people have died and 1 000 000 others have been affected.

    My family and I were not directly affected.

    Brother Dipili born.

    My brother Dipili has had malaria.

    2 years old
    Died of starvation during a famine.
  • 394
    00:26:25,664 --> 00:26:27,188
    Hello, Mr. Kirk.

    00:26:27,232 --> 00:26:28,961
    Is Dexter ill today?

    00:26:29,001 --> 00:26:30,969
    Why, no, Mr. Kirk.
    Dexter's in school.

    00:26:31,003 --> 00:26:33,494
    I'm afraid he's not,
    Mrs. Fishpaw.

    00:26:33,538 --> 00:26:36,871
    Dexter's truancy problem
    is way out of hand.

    00:26:36,909 --> 00:26:38,342
    And the Baltimore
    County School Board...

    00:26:38,377 --> 00:26:40,038
    have decided to expel Dexter...

    00:26:40,078 --> 00:26:41,943
    from the entire
    public school system.

    00:26:41,980 --> 00:26:45,541
    I'm as upset as you
    to learn of Dexter's truancy.

    00:26:45,584 --> 00:26:48,280
    But surely expulsion
    is not the answer!

    00:26:48,320 --> 00:26:50,515
    I'm afraid expulsion
    is the only answer.

    00:26:50,555 --> 00:26:52,318
    It is the opinion
    of the entire staff...

    00:26:52,357 --> 00:26:54,621
    that Dexter
    is criminally insane...
  • Kent,
    I'm selling it because I recently purchased the Jabra JX10, since people were complaining that they couldn't hear me on the 510. My brother has a 510 and told me people can hear him fine. I believe my original 510 may have been defective, so I was able to receive a brand new one from Plantronics since it was still under warranty. I only placed a 30 second test call with the one you will be receiving, but the microphone volume is a vast improvement over the original one. Since I now have a Jabra, I decided to sell the replancement Plantronics.

    The basic differences between the two headsets are:
    - the 510 is much better for wind reduction
    - the JX10 has a slightly better microphone and is lighter

    I've owned and used about 6 bluetooth earpieces and these two are definately the best.
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