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stupid fun. just paste



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    This is really cool (nope, not from my clipboard). I bet tracking someone's clipboard all day
    can tell you a lot about that person. Of course Google will come up with a new tool to do
    just that... 'Google Clippy' (and for this service they'll paste is an advert instead no more
    than twice a day)
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    lsh505:~$ mv * .html www/ Iv'e pasted that because I just ran it and ummm, it was not such a hot idea !
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    My hit was perfect and it went soaring straight onto the pitchers solid glasses, smashing them to thousands of slithers and continuing to knock Reuven in slow motion to the hard concrete.

    hehe, that's my english assignment for ya :P
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    [quote]0 years old
    I was born a boy in a village in Burkina Faso's Houet Province, not far from the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

    My parents have named me Idogbe. My surname is Kwetey. My mother, Abena, is 17 and my father, Oluyemi, is 21. I have no brothers or sisters.

    My mother has graduated from secondary school.

    1 year old
    Growth stunted from inadequate protein.

    A famine or food shortage has hit Burkina Faso. 3 263 people have died and 1 000 000 others have been affected.

    My family and I were not directly affected.

    Brother Dipili born.

    My brother Dipili has had malaria.

    2 years old
    Died of starvation during a famine.
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    394 00:26:25,664 --> 00:26:27,188 Hello, Mr. Kirk. 395 00:26:27,232 --> 00:26:28,961 Is Dexter ill today? 396 00:26:29,001 --> 00:26:30,969 Why, no, Mr. Kirk. Dexter's in school. 397 00:26:31,003 --> 00:26:33,494 I'm afraid he's not, Mrs. Fishpaw. 398 00:26:33,538 --> 00:26:36,871 Dexter's truancy problem is way out of hand. 399 00:26:36,909 --> 00:26:38,342 And the Baltimore County School Board... 400 00:26:38,377 --> 00:26:40,038 have decided to expel Dexter... 401 00:26:40,078 --> 00:26:41,943 from the entire public school system. 402 00:26:41,980 --> 00:26:45,541 I'm as upset as you to learn of Dexter's truancy. 403 00:26:45,584 --> 00:26:48,280 But surely expulsion is not the answer! 404 00:26:48,320 --> 00:26:50,515 I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer. 405 00:26:50,555 --> 00:26:52,318 It is the opinion of the entire staff... 406 00:26:52,357 --> 00:26:54,621 that Dexter is criminally insane...
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    Kent, I'm selling it because I recently purchased the Jabra JX10, since people were complaining that they couldn't hear me on the 510. My brother has a 510 and told me people can hear him fine. I believe my original 510 may have been defective, so I was able to receive a brand new one from Plantronics since it was still under warranty. I only placed a 30 second test call with the one you will be receiving, but the microphone volume is a vast improvement over the original one. Since I now have a Jabra, I decided to sell the replancement Plantronics. The basic differences between the two headsets are: - the 510 is much better for wind reduction - the JX10 has a slightly better microphone and is lighter I've owned and used about 6 bluetooth earpieces and these two are definately the best.
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    empty sad...
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    I'm not sure what values you need since you weren't very clear. But if you need to extract information for the url. you can do this...

    <?php $remote_uri = '/extension/?DiscussionID=123&PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=Message'; //$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $remote_uri = str_replace('/','',$remote_uri); $remote_uri_split = array('?','&'); $remote_uri = str_replace($remote_uri_split,',',$remote_uri); $remote_uri = explode(',',$remote_uri); echo '<pre>'; print_r($remote_uri); echo '</pre>'; ?>

    will output:
    Array ( [0] => extension [1] => DiscussionID=123 [2] => PostBackAction=PrivateMessages [3] => View=Message )

    and you can ofcourse continue the manipulation to go even further.


    $url = ''.str_replace('.php','',$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']).'/?DiscussionID'.$Discussion->DiscussionID.'/PostBackAction=PrivateMessages&View=Message';

    based on what little information you provided those are two, kinda sorta ways to do it.

    ---this is in my clipboard in a quest to find the discussion i meant to post it to. eek. lol
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    automatically start a new
    discussion thread whenever a post is added to a blog.
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    Whoops-- Just about pasted a password...
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    Username: chihuahua
    Password: ••••••••••

    Posted: Thursday, 1 March 2007 at 3:31PM (AEDT)

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    factors that provide for a quality curriculum
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    Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

    Posted: Tuesday, 6 March 2007 at 10:25AM (AEDT)

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