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ErrPostBackKeyInvalid >> on every new Add-on

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I tried to install several add-ons: Category Colour Changer 0.1 Category Page First 1.0 Discussion Overview 1.2 Simplified Categories 1.0.0 But the only thing I receive is: ErrPostBackKeyInvalid Any ideas how to solve it


  • Seems like a problem with your php sessions. Do you *have* to use the remember-me function to login?
  • It is made so that when someone wants to log-in, he/she is send to the log-in page of the complete site:

    then you can go to the forum, which looks like this:*XXXXXX&ReturnUrl=categories.php&btnSignIn=Proceed

    I am not sure, but the remember me function is always on.
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    If is just a problem will the addon page, it 'is more likely to be a problem with the cache. Your old js files that are cached don't send the PostBackKey to Vanilla.

    Try to empty your cache and to retry.
  • How to empty the cache?
  • what do you use?
  • in FF, Tools > Options > Privacy > Clear now... tick cache (untick the other one if you don''t want them to cleared).
  • Good point Dino. Bloomin caches.
  • No, no results.
    Tested in FF and Opera.
  • Which version of vanilla? php version? Do you use a theme? Is there an other page affected?
  • Vanilla: 1.1.1 (just installed a few hours ago)
    PHP: 4.4.2

    No theme
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    And any other page with a similar problem?
    (the problem is on the addon page, when you try to add an extension?)
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    Yes, only on the add on page.

    But, wait a second, now I also get this when I want to make a discussion sticky:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/limundo_com/www/limundocafe/library/Vanilla/Vanilla.Functions.php on line 18
  • On the addons page, The checkbox code look like that:<input id="chkDiscussionOverviewID" type="checkbox" onclick="SwitchExtension('/Vanilla/ajax/switchextension.php', 'DiscussionOverview', '1900d5498e4bb0b24dd7d6fc3b2b981a');" checked="checked" value="1" name="chkDiscussionOverview"/>?
    go to, and look for "function SwitchExtension(AjaxUrl,"... It should look like that:function SwitchExtension(AjaxUrl, ExtensionKey, PostBackKey) { var Item = document.getElementById(ExtensionKey); if (Item) Item.className = "Processing"; var Parameters = "ExtensionKey="+ExtensionKey+"&PostBackKey="+PostBackKey; var dm = new DataManager(); dm.Param = ExtensionKey; dm.RequestFailedEvent = SwitchExtensionResult; dm.RequestCompleteEvent = SwitchExtensionResult; // document.location = AjaxUrl+"?"+Parameters; dm.LoadData(AjaxUrl+"?"+Parameters); }
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    Yes, it looks exactly the same.
    What I should do?
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    add line 59 of init_vanilla:if($Context->Session->User->Permission('PERMISSION_MANAGE_EXTENSIONS')) echo $Context->Session->GetVariable('SessionPostBackKey', 'string'); And check if the code that appear change an every page (if it does, there is a problem with your session).
  • If i put this in init_vanilla, the result is:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_INCLUDE in /home/limundo_com/www/limundocafe/appg/init_vanilla.php
  • No line number reported with that error?
  • Well it is the line number, where I put the code. So it´is line 58, 37, 85... I have to say,thtat I deleted the comment, so the line number is not a big help. but i did put it in the line, where line 59 is by default.
  • Uploaded to 1.1.2 >> problem still available
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    I saw you solved one of the problem. Did you solved this one?
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