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Issue Tracker? Anyone?

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Ok.. I thought it would be simple... I need an Issue Tracker script, and I know there are tons out of there. But none of them do what I want. They are either too complicated and have too many features, or they just look too sucky to use. I just need a simple and clean issue tracker (like Arctic) which gets the job done, and delivers a nice interface (something a noob user can understand). It should be open-source, and php based. Anyone?


  • in its simplest form, its a discussion thread. why not use that? :)
  • I was about to say why not use Arctic, it looks pretty cool. Then I noticed the free version only allows one project :/
  • KrakKrak New
    edited March 2007
    I found this, a small list made by someone in a similar search. Stumbled into this as well
  • Hehe Krak, I found those as well :) Arctic is nice indeed, and 1 project is enough for the time being.. But it uses a compiled library, which I can't run at my hosting provider.

    I could use a discussion thread, but I need to prioritize items, and assign people to it.

    Ofcourse I could write an extension, but I was in for a quick fix :)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    I've thought about making an add-on / theme for vanilla that turns it into a bug tracking tool - because I know I'd use it here... but, of course, I haven't done it...
  • I've started on converting Vanilla to an Issue Tracker. Actually it's quite simple: Discussions -> Issues, Categories -> Projects. Ofcourse we need some extra status fields, views, etc. I'll keep you guys updated. I hope to accomplish it with only an extension file (which seems to be working so far) and leave the core intact.
  • sounds like the smart way to do it for sure Jazzman :)
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
  • Ok, I'm progressing really fast here. Changing "discussions" to "issues" and "categories" to "projects" took most time :P Here are two sceenies how it will look like:

  • i LOVE IT! I will so try to make my department use this for a project to test it out! Good job man! When can I run a test?
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    Yeah - that looks great. I'd love to get this running here on lussumo and use it as a bug tracker for Vanilla (or any other project I get going - we could even possibly use it for add-ons). My biggest concern is going to be that I BET tons of the bugs that get reported will not be bugs at all. I reckon I'll have to create a new role with permissions to add bugs and let a select few create new bugs... maybe even import existing discussions from the community into the bug tracker. I'm rambling, aren't I?
  • No Mark, you're brainstorming!

    *mutters under his breath about the crazy rambling fool.
  • Oh man, freaking awesome!
  • Wow this is looking wicked!
  • @Mark: Yea, definitively needs to limit the amount there somehow. I think that 4 roles is what would be optimal (in addition to no access); 1: project leader (admin) 2: project workers (members with moderation access? can "resolve" issues) 3: Beta testers (can submit bugs and feature requests) 4: the public (can read and comment on existing issues)
  • y2kbgy2kbg New
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    whoa that would be sweet to have it here, it would show the power of how expandible and extensionable vanilla can be.


    Is this a theme/extension combo or a flat out hack?
  • edited March 2007
    A Manager's dream.... A better part of valor is to automagically que up a discussion for the Administrator's Action on Issue time consuming but very REAL for customer relations. Indispensable but definitely internal unless otherwise NOTED! Very nice...
  • It's written for the tabled theme, but you can use the default Vanilla theme and style it yourself.
  • so its an extension only? Thats awesome!!
  • "My biggest concern is going to be that I BET tons of the bugs that get reported will not be bugs at all. I reckon I'll have to create a new role with permissions to add bugs and let a select few create new bugs..." moderation? everyone could add bug but qualified few could accept these as bugs.
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