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what editor/application you use to code?

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the title says it all.. what do you use guys? im just interested, couse my friend (MS certified specialist) says that text-editors are for girls, and that pro's use MS Visual Studio. And so i want to know opinions of pro's.. So, what do you use?


p.s. you can address that guy if you want, i will show him the discussion :)


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    Assuming ur taking about web development He is an MS certified Speciliast, avcourse he will say that so there is demand for his kind. The whole Ruby on Rails development team and the whole development team of 32 Signals ( uses just a text editor called Textmate. I guess they are idiots. I use Komodo/Eclipse cause I need the php debugger. Plus next to Zero Open source developers use Visual Studio. None of the PHP developers use Visual Studio either. Visual Studio doesn't have support for php, and asp isn't as big as php either. MS did sign a deal with Zend to integrate php support for .NET. lets see what happens there. Assuming Desktop Apps the whole Macs softwares are not made with Visual Studio. which obviously makes all macs softwares none pro apps. Final Cut pro is just shit application. the whole Adobe mac softwares are prolly useless kiddy packages, cause shucks they ain't made using visual studio.
  • notepad++ is all i need,
  • yess, y2kgb!! i used crimson editor, but that I have reinstalled windows, and decided to switch to NPP.. :)
  • I used HTML Kit and NotePad primarily. Then I used NoteTabLite for a while. Then I tried Aptana but it is resource hungry. I would like to use it because it is a complete dev environment with a debugger. Then I found Aranae and am using that with HTML Kit.
  • Aptana is really nice for javascript. Its based on Eclipse, which is a java app. and java as we all know tends to be resource hungry
  • also notepad++
  • I use Kate in Linux and Context in Windows... Tried Komodo at work, didin't really like it, but need to spend more time with it before making a judgement.
  • i tried context, did not really like it, found crimson better, and then notepad++ is way much better than those two.... but i will have to master visual studio since we are creating a new big project in .net/asp/c# or whatever... this is completely different from everything that i have learned (php, js)... most of the stuff i cannot understand,,, like there must be a form on every webpage, and it can only be one, no more... or, to simply check whether 2==2 and output "hello world" for TRUE, you should launch some libraries System.Web.something and launth it all and make some labels visible... in other words, HELP... i just want if (2==2) echo 'hello world';.... 8-$
  • most web development doesn't really require a full fledge IDE
    text editors work fine.
    Komodo has a debugger that works really well. Its not good with code completion, it cannot do function trees etc. Eclipse support for xdebug isn't that good. I cannot even see multidimensional arrays.
    PHPEd by Nusphere is really nice. but not for macs
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    I use Eclipse + PHP dev. Tool + Aptana + Subeclipse.
    PDT is the best php IDE (I haven't tried Komodo) and aptana is great for javascript (@Shizo, it support jQuery ;-) and add ftp support to eclipse.

    Sure, it's hungry but that's worth it. For quick edit, when I am scare to open it, I use Programmers Notepad.
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    I used Aptana exclusively when i made the JQmedia extension. ok moving to PDT + Aptana. :)
    Thanks Dino for reminding me.
  • Xcode (IDE from free OS X dev package, it knows php and js, beside compiled languages) + SVN + Webkit + Firefox
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    can Xcode do remote debugging
    most php ides can do script debugging anyway. its the remote debugging that we want.

    I don't see php in New project dialog box
  • I use to use Dreamweaver like a madman. Tried Eclipse, Crimson, and who knows how many others. Zend was nice but in the end I don't need all the extra garbage.

    I use Notepad++ for damn near almost everything except Word documents. Notepad++, so I must wear a dress.

    Now thats the funny part. I hear most people say anyone that uses an IDE or anything with a GUI is for girls. Only real men hard code their shit.
  • Now thats the funny part. I hear most people say anyone that uses an IDE or anything with a GUI is for girls. Only real men hard code their shit.

    exactly, like they say "if a man has to have a big GUI they must be compensating for some else"......
  • yes,,, thats my opinion as well... i think knowing every little bit of code is great,, its responsibility and control, rather than irresponsible delegating and crappy code in the end.. however, this friend of mine said that many of the routine snippets (like regexp checking for emails etc) are already inbuilt, and it saves time...
  • I must be "compensating" because I use GoLive for the better part but since I've been dabbling in PHP and lots more confident with CSS I seem to be editing more code directly on the server using BBEdit.

    Not good as far as backups go because I don't always have the latest version of the site files on my local drive but that's another issue. So I guess I'm "compensating" less!

    Posted: Sunday, 15 April 2007 at 5:53PM

  • can Xcode do remote debugging
    No. Nor even source debugging for PHP.
    For web dev it's not much more than an advanced editor and project manager with version control.
  • Zend Developer Environment is my new found love. I have used something called Dezoft PhpEditor (uhmm something like that) and TextPad before. But Zend is great, with all that a php coder could ever need; auto completion, documentation, syntax color, syntax helper, ftp connection save, integrated svn and sql, documentation creator, god knows what else. i highly recommend!
  • I use EditPad (the free version) and love it!
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